Saturday, March 28, 2009

Them Be Fightin' Words!

Pretty much my entire life has been centered around this one thing these past couple of weeks. I'm kind of going stir crazy. I realized I'm the last 8 o'c person to go through this, except Ryan. Ryan was smart, he got out while the going was still good. Anyway, I've been haunting the blog at all hours of the morning lately while trying to figure out the thought processes (or lack thereof) of the Zionists I'm reading about. I'm coming to realize just how hard it is to argue against really stupid arguments. My thesis has 5 body chapters to coincide with the 5 main points Zionists use to claim Israel and at least 3 of those could be answered with 'no.' Ahhhhh!! Why didn't I write my thesis about someone logical?

Speaking of logic, I just found an interesting quote on the internet "The pope may be the leader of the Roman Catholic Church but that doesn't make him a moral leader." Wow. Does this mean that religion should keeps its hands out of morals? I mean, good grief, all this time I thought there was a connection between the two. I'm so glad that I've be enlightened. Oh man, I'm already in a fighting mood, becuase I've been imersed in the Middle East for the last couple of months and now people are yelling at my pope! (Well that comment was mostly just stupid, but there were some other ones that made me almost punch my computer in the screen. Unfortuantely I couldn't comment back, because it was one of those you have to subscribe to it thing.)

So I've been a little punchy lately. Colin said something the other day and I gathered up all my thesis books and built a wall dividing the bedroom in half. I had the door, the closet, Moutain Dew, the computer, all the weapons and his half of the dresser. He had beef jerkey, most of the books, and my half of the dresser. Like a good Zionist, I made sure I had all the good stuff on my side. (I couldn't really do anything about the books and having the door on my side, I could get more beef jerkey.) As you can see, I've been in a very Middle East mindset. (Note: he apologized for whatever it was that he said and I took the wall down. Also, I was never actually mad at him, in case you were worried.)

I didn't see many of you when you were writing your thesises. I know Claire went nutty, but what else is new? :D Are there any funny thesis stories out there?