Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is this better?

Well Ryan wanted web-y, Andrew wanted less bright, and I wanted colorful. The rest of you didn't say. I can do less bright (although less bright AND colorful was interesting), but I'm still not sure what web 2.0 means. I didn't see any of the prefab templates that fit and I checked the html and got scared. I haven't spoken html in many years. Not since we started the 8 o'c. Facebook has made my computer skills flabby. So I guess it's time to get out the old O'Reilly book. This will be a great thing to do instead of my thesis, which, I do need to get started on. . . . Now where is that html book?

Just kidding, I'm probably not going to do either. I really SHOULD go to bed, since it's about 8 am and I haven't yet been to sleep. On that note, I know you guys probably know this because of my facebook note, but life has been really. . . hard lately. Colin and I could really use the prayers. And for those of you who have been keeping us in your prayers, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE LIFE SAVERS!!!!


  1. hey there, i know i haven't been posting...i'll get around to it eventually, my only comment on the format is...the words are kind of hard to read, maybe because the lettering is a little dark...but that's all :D:D
    oh and i miss our Jesus picture :D BUT the art of the day is awesome!!!

  2. I will work on the text color. We also have a vote for a left sidebar. Is this good with everyone? Also, Quia, I'll put the Jesus picture back up once the template is locked. I really only want to put it up once.

  3. There seem to be some strange formatting issues, which may include the odd dotted lines I keep seeing. Of course, that could just be me running Firefox under Ubuntu...

    I think Claire's right about the colors, but perhaps instead of changing the text color, there might be a better bg color for reading and that better matches the other colors in the theme.

    In any case, good job and keep up the good work!

  4. Is it just me or did the blog just change colors? I feel like the Joker from every Batman series. I may be totally off base in saying this, but I think this new purple hue is just a little gay.

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