Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Funny Story,

I was short on gasoline the other day as I headed out to work so I stopped at the gas station and discovered that my credit card was declined. Thinking it was a fluke, I tried again, but to no avail. Needing to get to work, I though nothing of it and drove off. On the way back, I tried again, at a different station, thinking that the problem might have just been the pump, but no, by card really was declined. Concerned, I called the bank and asked what was up, and was informed that card had been compromised and was replaced. They'd send me the replacement three weeks ago, but I never realized it's been sent.

I get a lot of mail from my bank. It's mostly just paper reports telling how much I'd spent that week. They also send a number of ads and occasionally something important appears amongst the letters. Of course, seeing how most of the mail I get from my bank is useless to me, I tend to ignore it and put it in my "will get to it later" basket. It got so convenient throwing my mail into an easy basket, that I soon got used to throwing all my mail into the basket, save for the odd handwritten note. Needless to say important things can be missed this way.

So I picked up a giant pile of mail, put it on the floor, and began to page through it looking for the credit card that I knew must be in there. I eventually found the credit card, but not before making an interesting discovery. You, my Internet connection recently went out a few weeks ago and I've been trying to figure out what happened. None of the correspondence I sent attempting to figure out what had happen made it through, and thinking the provider, a local company, had simply flaked out on us, I was about to simply switch providers.

Well, I discovered a letter, dated from at least a month ago, informing me that the local company which had been providing Internet service, was now owned by the city, and that my bill for January was due a few weeks ago. I just now sent the payment. Go figure. Teach me to ignore my mail.

Oh, I also discovered a debit card.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Ol' Days

Well, I didn't go to sleep. Instead, I got looking at old pictures. Enjoy.

Is this better?

Well Ryan wanted web-y, Andrew wanted less bright, and I wanted colorful. The rest of you didn't say. I can do less bright (although less bright AND colorful was interesting), but I'm still not sure what web 2.0 means. I didn't see any of the prefab templates that fit and I checked the html and got scared. I haven't spoken html in many years. Not since we started the 8 o'c. Facebook has made my computer skills flabby. So I guess it's time to get out the old O'Reilly book. This will be a great thing to do instead of my thesis, which, I do need to get started on. . . . Now where is that html book?

Just kidding, I'm probably not going to do either. I really SHOULD go to bed, since it's about 8 am and I haven't yet been to sleep. On that note, I know you guys probably know this because of my facebook note, but life has been really. . . hard lately. Colin and I could really use the prayers. And for those of you who have been keeping us in your prayers, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE LIFE SAVERS!!!!