Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should We TakeThe Spruce?

This is mainly a post of questions. First of all, should we change anything about the blog? I'm thinking a new template might get us excited about the blog again, a little pick me up if you will. Also, the poem on the side is out of date, as many of us have changed out of our old nicknames. We could do something different in place of that if you're all (or some) interested. I'm not working until the weekend and would love to fiddle around with the blog. Colin got Gunter working again (he died right after the March for Life last year), so I can blog from the comfort of my bed, or chair, or really super cold kitchen floor. I'm no longer tied down the the desktop on a bookshelf. (We're getting a desk some day. . . Typing at a bookshelf is really weird, not going to lie. Also, do we want new pictures? I don't particularly have any ideas, mostly looking for permission to play.

AND, if you guys DO like the idea of change. . . change to what? Any ideas? Should the blog be sophisticated? Funky? Cute? Manly? Pretty? Earthy? Techno? Ninja? Italian? Seasonal? Like your mom's house? Also, do we want to start up the 8 o'clock chaplet again? We're spread all over the country now, so getting together at the CC chapel seems impractical for everyone but me. BUT we can still do it by ourselves together, if you know what I mean. And we can grab our families and roommates and make them do it with us. I'm very interested in starting that up again, and may even do it regardless, but it would be fun to have a group project again.

So what do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The unanswerable argument. . .


This aired during the inauguration. Do you have 41 seconds to spare? 41 seconds to consider the potential of our generation.

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