Thursday, December 18, 2008


Right on. I did say that I was going to post something, but obviously just didn't. Largely because I haven't had/made time to do so. Life is absolutely crazy. I know that's the way it is for most of us, even more so know that we're out of college. But, that is exactly the reason why we ought to strive to communicate with each other. Keep in touch in one form or another. Or even just express what we're going through instead of bottling it up. I'll start.

I'm utterly overwhelmed at times. Yes, I have a great family, with a joy inspiring son and a very supportive wife, but that doesn't seem to help a lot of the time. I find that I doubt myself and my abilities. That is the primary source of the whelm. Aside from that, though, life has treated me very well. We have not found ourselves in much need, contrary to what the media would have you think that most people are experiencing during these times. I'm sure that most of you can relate to the less than urgent situation that most are in.

It is frustrating, to the nth degree, what the MSM does when it perceives the world. They're stupid, emotional, myopic, and colorblind. They are simply making the situation we are in much worse than it ought to be. They, and the fed. Talk about people who are stupid, emotional, myopic and colorblind, as well as greedy and selfish. They don't listen to the people. They blatantly admit that too. They are fully aware that we know they are corrupt and lieing, but they don't care and choose to proceed. Pretending to care about the average Joe. Now it appears that some of them are genuinely trying to fix things because it's balls-to-the-walls (so they think). Unfortunately, they are misguided and short-sighted in their attempts. They don't sully research the situation and do the patchup they know how to: throw money and people at it with fluffy reassuring words, only to scratch their heads and curse, wondering why their inadequate and poorly thought-out attempts don't work. Blech. I am supremely grateful that I can understand the sludge of American politics now, where I didn't just 8 months ago (it appears that having a child has this sort of affect on people.) However, I find it bland, offensive, depressing, and hate-worthy. Fortunately, that energy is easily converted into the desire and action to change things which has helped me to more quickly overcome my inability to express my opinion when I knew that it was different enough from others' views to be offensive. It's not callousness, it's confidence that comes from the foundation of faith, cured to hardness by observation, contemplation and prayer.

Alas, I ramble. It feels damn good though. Hope you guys will see this and follow the lead.

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  1. *They're stupid, emotional, myopic, and colorblind.*

    YES! It's about time they brought back the politics of race...
    Oh, wait, that's not what you meant. Oh, well.