Monday, December 22, 2008

No problem.

I have no problem with bringing this blog back. In fact, I would welcome the event. Though, I don't know if we can. It seems that Facebook has since become tool by which interested people keep in touch, at least over the Internet. This being one of the many reasons which I loath Facebook. It did to Internet forums, what television did to serious cinema: roping people into a crack-like addiction while at the same time failing to achieve the previous depth, ans even more importantly, taking what would have once been achieved through more direct means, like actual conversation, and reducing it to a mere sound-byte.

Not to rag so hard on Zukerberg, really; I simply don't think that this blog can compete with the social networks for our attention. I'll start putting stuff up again if I think people will read it, but I'm not optimistic.


  1. I'm reading! But I'm random. And bored. :)

  2. I should also add, I don't have FB.

  3. I'm reading, too! And I DO have facebook. In fact, I'm checking facebook AND reading our blog. I'm living proof it both can be done! (Now lets see if I can keep it up.)