Friday, July 13, 2007

NEED TO BREAK MALAISE..........done. (phew)

Ok, we need a new post to break the malaise, so here goes. I'm going to tell everyone what's been going on so far this summer.

In the beginning, I got back from school and immediately started fantasizing about building a computer. I needed a desktop and I wanted to build it myself. Two weeks and $800 (yikes!) later I got one built. It's a nice modern system with room to grow and is just somewhat overclocked. It runs ArchLinux and I'm slowly turning it into a test LAMP server.

Around the same time I got my old job back, and I started again with the re-imaging systems, testing installs, researching development tools, debugging code, and writing scripts. Of course this time, I took the time to learn PERL and everything is much easier now. I'm more productive which gives me more time to surf the net instead of actually doing work ;). The other major difference with regard to work from last year is that I now have to keep a daily log of my labors for it to count for my internship. Everything else about it is pretty much the same though I still ride my bike and I still sit in front of a computer the entire time, drinking coffee.

Early in the summer I also met with some of my old friends and associates from HFA. I talked with Tim Rohr, Andrew Steves, and Dex Curi. This was mostly through the HFA play this year. Other than that though, I've been mostly couped up at home/work. I need to get out more but most of my friends are out of town, which is a shame. I promise to visit the folks wandering around Christendom soon though, just because I kind of have to. I did get out for Ryan and Maria's wedding, and that was nice, though I didn't do that much socializing. I'm now back at home again, waisting away from perceived isolation.

In other news, some HFA alumni including myself are planning a bit of a reunion within the next year or so. Something to look forward to, though it still seems a ways off.

Also, my younger brother who is in the Boy Scouts is feverishly attempting to finish is Eagle Project before is 18th birthday which is in August. My other brother was home for a month from West Point also, and it was nice to catch up with him as well (Though to be honest, I was glad when he finally left).

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  1. Sounds like you are prepping for that website... bravo my good man. I need to spend more time in web-dev. It has been a good while...