Monday, July 23, 2007

Let;s hit this off again.

Since the laast time I've posted, what has happened? Admittedly, not much has happened.

All last week I drove to work, which was nice, there is a certain amount of freedom in driving. I like to listen to radio as I drive and cruise along just a little faster than the speed limit.
it's a shame though, because all of the old classic rock stations that I used to listen to have bee n replaced with more general stations that I enjoy somewhat less. While Green Day covers of John Lennon are fine, I still prefer some old Stones or Lynnyrd Skynnyrd. Maybe some Madness if you're venturing into the 80's. It's too bad.

Also, I set up a website today. Here's the link. Those in the know should realize for what this is, though it is more general purpose for now.

In other news, I have officially decided that Ron Paul should be the next president of the United States. The man is awesome. Check out his definition on the Urban Dictionary. (Contrast it to Giuliani :P) That is sweet. Seriously though, the man is literally the only candidate running on smaller government, not larger. He's also the only one even paying lip service to the constitution. I appreciate that, and his voting record shows that he actually supports what he preaches. (I checked.) I respect that.

I can't think of any other news, but I'll be sure to keep y'all posted as things come up.

Monday, July 16, 2007


PQ! You have inspired me like Henry V and his Crispian's day Speech! I too will say what has been happening.

We'll start with the mundane. I renewed my learners, which means I will i will have a valid ID when I get back from Ireland. Which means I will be able to do things like go have drink with my friends, see R rated movies, and other things of debauchery.

And Speaking of debauchery, I will be going to the Emerald Island in two weeks (in one week I'll be at Campus, starting the classes that will be held beforehand. I've been reading one of the books for the class, a novel called The Scorching Wind. Its pretty good, filled with Irish spirit. I'm really excited, both of traveling again as well as seeing old friends.

And speaking of old friends, RY and Maria got married this Summer!!! Hurray!! It makes me happy inside to see such happy people. One of the two was beaming like a lamp. Maria was smiling too. It really was beautiful. Ask anyone who was there. Beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, I've been pretty creative this summer. I've completed what I hope will be the final rough draft of the movie I've been writing (I think I'm gonna call it De Profundis), and hopefully everyone will be able to read it. I've also written the Most Humble Man In the World poem I promised I would have written by the end of last semester (For SHAME!!) as well as a short story about a person freezing to death (not as good as Jack London, but still ok). In the field of movie editing, I've been editing together You Can't Take It With You for the College (Hopefully I will be able to finish burning it onto DVDs come Ireland time, so that I can give Julian his copy, maybe even get the school's copy to the library before the semester begins!! I just need to find DVDs big enough to hold the massive Acts. Anything for Christendom.

And speaking of Christendom, the Motu Proprio allowing wider use of the 1962 missal came out. I personally see a Trad Mass on Campus in the future, but there are other Church matters afoot. At my Parish, we've got a new pastor. He's 6' 8." That's an inch taller than Andy Bodoh. He's nice, but he's not as traditional as my mom and I would wish. Our parish used to be pretty traditional (you know, normal Parish structure, good strong pastor, semi-sane liturgical life), but now its kinda gotten a little rough. I'm worried, but we shall see. I wonder what will happen when I'm at school. . .

And speaking of School, I've been working here at the University of Maryland (College Park Campus) as a Help Desk technician, which means when people have computer problems, they come to us. Its fun, but a little hectic. Nothing that I'm not used to from working in the kitchen.

And speaking of the kitchen, I'm making (with some help from my family) dinner this coming Saturday night. It will be a remembrance of Rome, with that pasta sauce I made with whiskey and sausages, mozzarella green beans, and gelato, as well as other stuff. I'm kinda excited about this.

And speaking of being excited, I've been reading things for my thesis stuff, as well as the first half of The Idiot. I've been watching movies, and really think I should have Jalsevac hire me as movie reviewer for The Rambler.

I think that's everything. Anything else, ask me later.

Friday, July 13, 2007

NEED TO BREAK MALAISE..........done. (phew)

Ok, we need a new post to break the malaise, so here goes. I'm going to tell everyone what's been going on so far this summer.

In the beginning, I got back from school and immediately started fantasizing about building a computer. I needed a desktop and I wanted to build it myself. Two weeks and $800 (yikes!) later I got one built. It's a nice modern system with room to grow and is just somewhat overclocked. It runs ArchLinux and I'm slowly turning it into a test LAMP server.

Around the same time I got my old job back, and I started again with the re-imaging systems, testing installs, researching development tools, debugging code, and writing scripts. Of course this time, I took the time to learn PERL and everything is much easier now. I'm more productive which gives me more time to surf the net instead of actually doing work ;). The other major difference with regard to work from last year is that I now have to keep a daily log of my labors for it to count for my internship. Everything else about it is pretty much the same though I still ride my bike and I still sit in front of a computer the entire time, drinking coffee.

Early in the summer I also met with some of my old friends and associates from HFA. I talked with Tim Rohr, Andrew Steves, and Dex Curi. This was mostly through the HFA play this year. Other than that though, I've been mostly couped up at home/work. I need to get out more but most of my friends are out of town, which is a shame. I promise to visit the folks wandering around Christendom soon though, just because I kind of have to. I did get out for Ryan and Maria's wedding, and that was nice, though I didn't do that much socializing. I'm now back at home again, waisting away from perceived isolation.

In other news, some HFA alumni including myself are planning a bit of a reunion within the next year or so. Something to look forward to, though it still seems a ways off.

Also, my younger brother who is in the Boy Scouts is feverishly attempting to finish is Eagle Project before is 18th birthday which is in August. My other brother was home for a month from West Point also, and it was nice to catch up with him as well (Though to be honest, I was glad when he finally left).