Monday, June 04, 2007

Report cards

It came from beneath the stuff on Walter's desk. . .

My report card came on Friday. I was really excited about it before hand, eagerly waiting for it to come. Then I got it.
I didn't do as well as I had hoped. See, I did well enough, better than I did for other semesters for sure, but not as well as I had thought I was going to do. Does that make any sense?
Well, here's the result:

Shakespeare - B
20th Century American Lit - B
Historiography - B+
American Intellectual and Culture - A-
Modern Philosophy - C+
Apologetics - B

The one I'm saddened by is the Shakespeare, more because I had an A before the paper and the final. Which meant I did bad on either the final or the paper. I have a feeling it was the paper, in which case I would like it back.

But other than that, everything went well enough.

So how did everyone else do???

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