Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summertime update

Good evening, and welcome to Summertime update. I'm your host, Pope St. Ibidem the Defunked.

Today, I'm here to give you my summer update, otherwise known as How I'm gonna Spend My Summer Vacation

I will be working again at the University of Maryland's business school as a help desk technician. This summer, however, we are doing all sorts of other stuff, so it should be interesting.
I'm reading The Idiot right now, but sooner or later I need to start researching for my thesises. I only have so little time.
Ryan and Maria are getting married. I'm so going to that.
Hopefully I can get an external hard drive soon. Otherwise, it will be a while before You Can't Take It With You will be edited together, since the rough footage of it alone takes up ~100 GB!
And of course (the big rub in) I'm going to Ireland. That will be fun. Then i have four days before going back to school. Then summer's over.


Well, thats all from me folks.

Until next time

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