Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I just realized that I don't even know what everyone's plans are for the summer. So come on, let's have it. What's everyone doing this summer?

Right now I'm back home helping Bob clean up after the flood. If y'all would pray for us, that'd be super great. Our house is technically condemned right now because of black mold. But if we can get it fixed soon, we can still live in it. But in order to do that, we potentially have to deal with lead paint and asbestos tiles. So yea, all the prayers we can get. Plus I still don't have a car (that I theoretically am going to drive back to VA in) yet, so more stress. BUT once this all gets cleared up, it's back to VA and living at Colin & Sarah's for the summer while working as a handicap attendee and a driver for the canoe company in town. That should be a lot of fun. Plus Laura-friend & Mike's wedding and Ry & Maria's. Those should be a blast.


  1. Yeah, I know about flooded basements, at least it wasn't carpeted. Every time our basement floods and we have to remove the carpets and try them (there's no way we're buying new ones), we use it as an excuse to rearrange the furniture.

    The mold sounds like a problem, but don't you have access to any fungicides? You'd just have to fumigate the walls and such for a few days.

    God Bless.