Friday, March 30, 2007

Done with Marshner!

Ibid and myself have finished with Marshner. We took his presentation first day and now have nothing more to be graded on. Yeah. I'm going to go slack off now!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Down Memory Lane In Siena


Hey everyone! I hope your breaks are going well. Mine is full of that lovely little cold stuff called snow, ergo, I can't wait to get back to VA. Anyway, I was printing Rome pictures and came upon these one's that I just couldn't pass up to put on the blog. They brought back so many memories and I hope they do the same for you. Love you guys!

But my Little Leprechaun, why are you trying to escape and run away from me....I am sad! And Ibid, shame on you, you look so happy that he's trying to free himself. ;-)
And it's the Quia and the Jericho! Someone likes to smile for the camera and someone is like, "another picture? Come on, man, let's get this over with" ;-)
Yeah, yeah, so I didn't want CO to take my picture. Although, it could be that CO just wanted to take a picture of the guy tying to eat me from behind.....thanks a lot I feel much better ;-) Ummmm.......right........Ibid? Normally I would say this is funny, but it's a little weird considering the fact that I just recently found this on my camra. (this is major blackmale for Ibid.'s future children.....something I would NEVER show mine ;-)
Awe! (someone hand me a tissue before I cry a river ;-)
Does someone love the camera or what? Looks like the little lady is not that interested....oh, well, we all still love her! Although, that smile looks as if she is about to pounce on the cameraman for continuously snapping pictures their way. ;-)
PQ, why such the sour face? Sick from all that gelato? (sadness!) Either that, or you're looking at the 20th couple we've all seen doing something inappropriate......hummm.....
Ah, look! It's "brother" Ibid. and his "sister" Quia! Don't they look related (they're not DON'T WORRY!)?
That's right, my love! Show those teeth proudly! You know they're so white! ;-)

Yep! This is Joe.......just lovin' life! Look's like someone's on Cloud #9.;-)

Oh, my Ibid! I think someone's had WAY too much sun!