Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stupid Blogger

So I had a post going awhile ago, it wasn't anything exciting. It was mostly just about how much the SAC ruined Valentine's Day and how our wonderful guys valiantly tried to save it. Um, I think there was a bit about the Mardi Gras dance. (Which was a bust in my opinion.) And a plug for Pirates of Penzance, which is a severely money movie. But as I was doing that, the compy I was on crash, and of course, blogger ate my post. It made me very sad and I didn't have the will to go on. . . at least with the post, that is. But I'm better now, so yea, Valentine's Day sucked because of the SAC, but the boys tried really hard, no one went to the Mardi Gras dance, so I left and watched Pirates of Penzance, which everyone should see. (I'm totally in love with the lead singer of Queen right now!)

Now that that's taken care of, the campus is once again covered in a blanket of whiteness. I am so happy about that. There's nothing like waking up to snow. *sigh* I really want to go to the river today, but everyone's studying for J-ski. Sad day. Carducci, you need to be here to walk through the woods with me!

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  1. Meh, white. I hate snow

    Nice that it's melting.
    God Bless.