Monday, February 12, 2007

Sadie Hawkins Dance In My Khaki Pants

Well, another semester, more of the 8 o'c in Rome. This time there's only two. Anyway, this is for you, Carducci and PBJ Girl, and of course, dear Peachy. (And Hich, too.)
The biggest news to report is the Sadie Hawkins Dance. I still can't believe that Christendom pulled it off. And it was a hit! A HUGE hit!

The members of the 8 o'c hit quite a few different decades.

The. . . 70s? I'm pretty sure that's what they were going for. Or 80s? Either way, Jericho's makeup scared me and CO was carrying a copy of the Communist Manifesto.

The 20s. Quia does a pretty darn good flapper and PQ's mustache was out of control.

The 40s. I looked like an airline stewardess. (I told people where the exists were regularly.) And Andrew looked like he was going to class.

Somehow there managed not to be a picture of Ibid, but he did 70s college student. He even shaved.

Just to confuse everyone, Andrea went with Matt and Liz took Gabe. They also did 20s as the cast of Singing in the Rain. Liz's wig makes me happy.

This time it was Dan who got all "bad companion."

Hurray for the 80s. Matt's red mohawk was sweet.

I love the 70s. Tyler's 'fro scared me. I couldn't look at him with a straight face the whole night. But it worked, he and his posse won the prize.

I disowened her when I first saw it. But the wig grew on me very quickly. :D

There were SO MANY hippies. This is but a small handful.


  1. Oh there are pictures of me, but they're just hiding. Right. . .

  2. I love the pictures, Jenne!

  3. Tyler finally won a dress-up contest? W00t!! He was SO cheated on dress-up-a-freshman-day...