Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Grades

They finally came. The Grades are in. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that my overall GPA went up, now up to a 2.628 (working towards that 3.3 for Cum Laude). The bad news is that Italian was the sole grade killer this semester, and it did a number. Well, here, you can see for yourself. Remeber, I will be taking classes mostly in History and English from now on, so focus on those credits, and those types of classes.

HIST/ENGL/THEO/CECS 300 - Roman Perspectives B
HIST 301 - Art and Architecture of Rome and Florence B+
ITAL 101 - Elementary Italian D+
PHIL 301 - History of Medieval Philosophy B+
THEO 301 - Moral Theology A-

See, I did fine in everything but Italian. I guess I really don't do languages.

Oh Well.

HERE'S TO NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year from Peach

Well, dear friends, it's been an age and a day since I posted a blog for the Chaplet, but I wanted to take a rare opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As you know I am not coming back next semester so I can complete my recovery from Lyme disease. While I do love you guys and miss you very much, I have decided I must take this course of action.

You see, when we are together again, I think we shall find each other much different while much the same too. God has taught you many things through Rome, but I too have learned a great deal from Him being home, and I have received many blessings and lessons through this illness. He has rewarded me with so much I do not deserve, I have discovered He makes things go better than we can possibly expect.

So, here's Peachy's ponderings for you all, and I hope God blesses you greatly in the coming year, and I wanted to add this from my previous e-mail:

Where the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window, and here I believe many well-disguised blessings will reveal themselves from this disappointment; I can see a number of great ones from my vantage point already. As Henry V said, "We're in God's hands, brother, not theirs", but I'm in God's hands, and I firmly believe the Lord of History has both the present and the future well in hand, so I am confident that all will end very well for all of us. Besides, He loves us and He's on our side whether we know it or not.

However, I do have a favor to ask of you friends: just be the good Catholics Jesus Christ, our loving Lord and Savior, wants you to be each and every day. The campus really needs to see that we can love, forgive, support, defend each other like Christians ought to. So, when a brother's in need, you make sure that he's not alone, and you be right there for him no matter where you are or whose company you're in. I don't expect any of us to live this perfectly, we'll mess up. But I love you all, and no matter how stupid any of us can be, we're friends, and I'm gonna stick up for you. So, if someone's in trouble or getting a bad word, you can bet old Peach will back you up at least in Spirit if he can't be right there. I think it's important and I'm praying for you.

Keep fighting the good fight. Remember God loves us and He's on our side, even when we think things aren't going our way. If we just believe that He really loves us (He really loves me!) instead of picking daisies (he loves me, loves me not, yada yada yada), it'll carry us a long way and into things we couldn't have ever previously imagined.

Well, that's my hope, prayer, and message for all my dear friends for 2007. I'm terribly sorry not to be with you again this semester, but God has a plan and I know I'm in His hands, where I'd rather be than anywhere else! God bless, Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas!




May God shine forth blessings and things upon us as we enter 2007.

And may our faith remain when our physical bodies and sanity have faded to dust in the insanity that will be the next three semesters.

I'll see you in the psycho ward.