Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An update!!!

Something needs to happen on this blog so I decided to happen.

I sit here at work right now with no current assignements and just the opportunity to serf the net. That's good, in a way. It means that I'm making money for doing something that I do anyway! Booyah! That is fun. It also means I have to find some real work to do or my employers will decide I'm unproductive. T'well.

Well, I do have something I could do. The company set up a wiki for a company knowledge base. I just introduced a nice crappy article on how to use the vi. Wiki's are fun.

Speaking of which, all you liberal arts students should go get an account on Wikipedia and make sure your favorite are properly represented. It's no good being a liberal arts student if it doesn't make you a know-it-all and a renaissance man/woman.

In other knews, I hear that the trad mass is now becoming permissable everywhere. This is horrible news and I'll tell you why! I never got to take advantage of the indult! I was in Italy the entire time and now going to an trad mass won't be special anymore! It won't be as elite! T'well, It's not like it matters in the long run.

In yet other news, my younger brother has come home from West Point for the break. He has a number of stories to tell and he yaks my ears off untill three in the morning. This is entirely unlike his pre-West Point self where getting him to speak was like sticking a hot coal up his anus. Very difficult and laden with guilt. Interesting note, he has the shiniest shoes in the service acadamy. This earns respect. There crazy up there.

Well that's about it. All you need to know. Goodbye. Go to Hell. And, God Bless.


  1. JMJ

    wow! there's an update for ya...anyway write something about a Roman experiance if your board. Trust me i know you have pleanty to say:-)and that way we can put it in the rambler roman addition

  2. You _could_ have gone to the Indult in Rome, you know. And you still can, there's one at St. Mary's in DC. And St. John's. So stop complaining about not having gone to an indult and GO!:D It'll still be special and cool like, because the US bishops will take at least five years to stop the auto-reflex of smiting priests who want to/are going to say the Trad Mass.