Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Skyline and Spelunker's

Some of us went up to Skyline after our midterms and papers to have a lets hang out at Skyline and not write papers or study for midterms party.

Here's Carducci reading the story that I wrote to Mary Beth out loud. I'm sending it to her (Mary Beth, that is) soonly, ask her if you can read it, it's weird.

Ah, the Powell look.

PQ and CO, you guys should recognize the guy next to PBJ Girl.

The guys decided to climb trees. They got up there without too much trouble.

Their lives flashed before my eyes when it was time to come down.

I don't remember what sent my crying to PBJ Girl. Maybe the thought of taking the boys to the hospital. I don't know.

Carducci and Joe left us to go eat with Colin and Sarah. So we showed them. We took pictures of our faces by ourselves.

AND our feet. So ha!

And of course Spelunker's. I got much of my custard on my shirt and hands. PBJ Girl thought that'd make a great picture.

And then we played on the little bridge thingy.

I don't remember what he was doing, but he deserved it.


  1. Sniff.

    I miss all that. I miss Splunkers and Skyline and bowling (well, actually, I only went bowling once in Front Royal, so I'm not that attached to it).

    I miss my home

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