Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back in town

I stopped by and decided that it is well past time for me to post on here. I'm been a loser for that, sorry guys.

So, brief summary of all that has been going on, even though you all pretty much know.

I have transferred out of Christendom, and am now attending ITT Tech in Chantilly for an A.A. in Computer Networking Systems which puts me in the direction of a B.S. in Information Systems Security. School is great--they're night classes and a very relaxed environment. What's cool is that pretty much everyone that is there wants to learn, so it isn't just like your standard public university or college where you have a load of good-for-nothing slackers.

I have also started working full-time, and am prepping to upgrade some of the software systems I work with. It's a great, fun job doing stuff I love to do and it is promising to be pretty secure for some time.

Because of job and school, I've moved out to Centreville and am now living with MikeE, Eric and Pat. Lots of fun with plenty of digital entertainment and equipment. All four of us have DS's. If you don't know what that is, check it out on Nintnendo's website ;)

As for me and Maria, we are doing fantastically. It is a little difficult not getting to see her everyday like I was used to, but it works wince we're both so busy anyhow.

Well, I probably should be getting off, seeing as I am at work. Later!


  1. I can understand dropping ou and joining a tech school, but... ITT? Isn't that like ordering a degree online?

    Anyway, I hope the career works out. Sound's like fun. Of course, Rome is a freaking cool city and fighting mobs is fun (or so I think so,) so, boo yah.


  2. ITT is an actual sit in college, although it does offer online classes like the majority of colleges and universities. It has clout with the government including the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security, and many private sector companies including Google, Northrop Grumman, etc. and actively recruits for these companies and agencies from it's student. ITT Tech isn't like Lord Fairfax CC or Phoenix Online University. I enjoy it because it isn't one of those run-of-the-mill upstart online universities.