Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Skyline and Spelunker's

Some of us went up to Skyline after our midterms and papers to have a lets hang out at Skyline and not write papers or study for midterms party.

Here's Carducci reading the story that I wrote to Mary Beth out loud. I'm sending it to her (Mary Beth, that is) soonly, ask her if you can read it, it's weird.

Ah, the Powell look.

PQ and CO, you guys should recognize the guy next to PBJ Girl.

The guys decided to climb trees. They got up there without too much trouble.

Their lives flashed before my eyes when it was time to come down.

I don't remember what sent my crying to PBJ Girl. Maybe the thought of taking the boys to the hospital. I don't know.

Carducci and Joe left us to go eat with Colin and Sarah. So we showed them. We took pictures of our faces by ourselves.

AND our feet. So ha!

And of course Spelunker's. I got much of my custard on my shirt and hands. PBJ Girl thought that'd make a great picture.

And then we played on the little bridge thingy.

I don't remember what he was doing, but he deserved it.


And there was bowling. I've found that bowling is a lot of fun when one bowls with people who are worse than one's self. Alex won and I came in second. I don't know what happened to the score after that.

PBJ Girls loves her bowling ball.

Ed is sooooo gangsta.

And so am I. Oh look at me, I'm Alex! I'm so cool!

Except when I get two gutter balls right in a row.

Ange, on the other hand, is the form of coolness.

And PBJ Girl and Alex think they work for Jack Bauer. . .

I'll leave you to figure out this picture.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Spirit Week

Ah, Spirit Week

The first day was, of course, class colors. I wore a combo of purple and orange. The next day was dress like a famous person day. I went as Dr. Strickland.

Ange dresed like Geoff, so we got a picture together of her as Geoff and me as her. It was kind of creepy, because she woke me up that morning. That was almost as freaky as the day Alex walked into my room while I was taking a nap.

Here we have Ed and his. . . mom? Megan dressed up as Mrs. Burns. I'm still trying to figure out if that's a compliment or

When I think of dressing up like an old person, I think about Adrienne. :)

And the red hat society. Lizzie kept trying to get everyone to sign up for bingo. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Carducci had a freshman to dress up. This is what she made her wear, the entire outfit, including the hat and necklace came from my closet. Ang made AJ & TJ's younger sister, Jennie, wear my pink footie pjs. I find it funny that when people want to dress up someone strangely, they come to me. *shrugh* :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Da Pope.

We all just saw the Pope today at the wednesday audience. We touched him. Sam traded skull caps with him. I gave him an orange soda (appearantly it's his favorite drink.) Was pretty cool.

People get really crazy over this. People were throwing children over the barrier at the Pope. Basically, everyone crowds around the entrance before it opens. Then, they press their way through, violently. There is no mercy. I was knocked over and I'm pretty agile. Rand was elbowed in the stomach. The Akers were accused of hating retarded people. The Swiss guard were strict but wer generally friendly. They picked up the children I mentioned earlier and returned them to the crowd.

It was crazy, but we touched the Pope. (I'm totally cool with walking over a few nuns.) Benedetto was very friendly. Oh, and in case there was any question, it's not a camera trick, his hair really is that white.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back in town

I stopped by and decided that it is well past time for me to post on here. I'm been a loser for that, sorry guys.

So, brief summary of all that has been going on, even though you all pretty much know.

I have transferred out of Christendom, and am now attending ITT Tech in Chantilly for an A.A. in Computer Networking Systems which puts me in the direction of a B.S. in Information Systems Security. School is great--they're night classes and a very relaxed environment. What's cool is that pretty much everyone that is there wants to learn, so it isn't just like your standard public university or college where you have a load of good-for-nothing slackers.

I have also started working full-time, and am prepping to upgrade some of the software systems I work with. It's a great, fun job doing stuff I love to do and it is promising to be pretty secure for some time.

Because of job and school, I've moved out to Centreville and am now living with MikeE, Eric and Pat. Lots of fun with plenty of digital entertainment and equipment. All four of us have DS's. If you don't know what that is, check it out on Nintnendo's website ;)

As for me and Maria, we are doing fantastically. It is a little difficult not getting to see her everyday like I was used to, but it works wince we're both so busy anyhow.

Well, I probably should be getting off, seeing as I am at work. Later!

Friday, October 06, 2006

A New Blog in the bloggersphere


Just go there. You'll see.