Sunday, September 03, 2006

When in Rome ...

Wander around screaming like an italian, of course! Ciao all of you Christendomites out there who are reading this blog. In answer to your yet unvoiced questions, yes we are all still alive -- at least of this writing -- and yes, Rome is the most amazing city in the world. Roccoco churches, statues of the saints dozens of feet tall, a warm summer sun, tanning everyone here. Water pours from every street corner, revitalizing the parched. Gelato, limoncello, pasta, pizza, vino, chocolate, birra, and on and on you go. (Meat is a little hard to come by though.) Your worst problems can be solved with baste! Yes, the summer is still here in Rome, and life could not be better.

Last night Sydney, Claire, Andrew, Matt, Paul E., and myself all tossed together a rooftop dinner under the stars. Pasta, bread, potatoes and onions, green beans, and chocolate all were contributed to create a masterpiece of culinary artistry that could have stood with the creations of some of the most seasoned chefs in Italy. (Well, it was close anyway.) Tonight we are going to wander around the center of Rome, and maybe hit a Guiness pub we saw near S. Mary Major, a pub with Getafix rocking it out with an electric guitar. Maybe we will encounter adventure, maybe we will just get lost -- either way it is going to be a whole lot of fun!

We are praying for all of you everywhere we go.

In Rome;


  1. So this is Jen's friend Maggie... and I must say that I am totally jealous of all you lucky kids. I miss roma like crazy! I would reccommend the Guniess pub, our group ate there, it was very good, and the staff was so warm and welcoming. It actually did remind me of Ireland, except for the fact that we were eating pasta. I hope you enjoy your time and that it is blessed time of learning both academically and spiritually. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences!

  2. JMJ

    Just checking in! I'm alive. I hope CC is holding up with out the rest of the gang there. You guys keep a watchful eye on everything for us.

    Rome truly is the eternal city. Stories to come, eventually...if Italian doesn't slay all of us;-)

  3. Yeah, Christendom is busy with papers (I've got two next week). Contra is under new management, as Dr. Cuddeback moves in again (long story, and it ain't over yet).

    Of course, the Commons is even more dead. Tell you guys what, you start visiting it again and I'll put up news from the real life version there as well. Randym News is on hold as I'm looking to make it a permanent part of the Chronicler.

    Oh, and Rome students are encouraged to write about experiences for the Rambler. (There, Jalsevec, now can I have my arm back?)

    I want a picture of Getafix!

  4. I'm glad to hear you all are having fun. Yousa almost made me cry. I miss you guys!