Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baseball and Dancing

This post has been coming for over a week, but the internet hates me. Hopefully this works.

Oreols v. Yankees

A bunch of us went to Camden Yards to see the Oreols beat the snot out of the Yankees. Unfortunately I was with Yankees fans. *shrug* Oh well.

Some people were very much happy to be off campus.

And some not so much.

The Yankees DID hit one homerun. We laughed at the poor Red Sox fan.

In closing, baseball games are fun.


  1. I missed a Yankee/ O's game??? Do you know how awesome those things are? O's all the way.

    Now somebody's gonna kill me somewhere, I just know it.

  2. JMJ
    I love the Yankees! That's all i gotta say

  3. Hey, good to see everyone! How is PBJ girl? And how is Alex surviving freshman year?

  4. I'm sorry Jenne, but you butchered my hometown team's name. It's Orioles :P

  5. Okay, for the longest time I thought it was the Oreos. I was slightly miffed that a baseball team was named after a cookie. Then I found out it was the Orioles and was named after a bird. I was sad and thought they should go back to the cookies. :P Actually, as far as baseball goes, I've decided to become a Metts fan. WAHOO!!!