Monday, September 25, 2006


Alex, Ang, Meg & I went to the Baltimore Zoo to see the penguins. We saw many other things in the process.

Like Sydney! It was good to see my old roommate again. How I've missed you, Syd. :D

And this Artic Fox. It was sick with something, so it wasn't so up on getting it's picture taken. I don't blame it.

Aren't they cute?

The rhinos weren't too interested in us either.

According to Meg, this animal had a lot of zoop zoop. (The antlers. Their curlly.)

The snowy owl was pretty awesome. It made me think of Hedwig. :)

And now I've finally seen those spoonbilled whatsits that go scoop scoop. These were from Africa.

And finally there were penguins! We took way more pictures, but I figure y'all just aren't that interested and I don't want to take the time to upload all of them. (There are a LOT!)

And what trip would be complete without silly pictures? Meg took a picture of Ang and Alex and I felt sad that we didn't get a picture.

And here's another one! (He wasn't actually sleeping, I'm not sure what happened.)

I took this on the way there to make sure the batteries were in the camera properly. (Confusing story about CD player batteries dying. So I gave them the batteries from my camera, well Laura's camera. And the batteries were actually Little Mon's. And then they, that is Meg, gave me their, that is Meg's family, digital camera batteries. Uffda.) Alex doesn't normally look that weird.

I thought this was hilarious and just had to get a picture. Doesn't this look like the best photo?

Us going through the "jungle."

Gotta love the "Hey, Meg! Alex! Look here!" pictures. Hehe!

Alex shouldn't be a hairstylist. Nope. Just doesn't work out so well.

The Dancing Part of "Baseball and Dancing"

Italian Night dinner. Here are the lucky ducks (haha) that got to sit at the head table. I'm sure you guys are just absolutely laughing at our feeble attempts to be Italian.

And then. . . THE DANCE!

Roommates! (Wow, eight of them.)

Carducci and I were thinking about editing Peach, CO, and PQ into the picture for our traditional Italian Night picture, but decided it'd be too much work.

Not entirely sure what Alex is doing, it was supposed to be a nice picture of PBJ Girl and Ed. :P

Just kidding Alex, here, have a picture with me. :)

You bums that went right to Rome haven't met Cynthia, but she's awesome. You'll love her.

A very cute Colin and Sarah.

Ang and Geoff are cute, too, but don't tell them I said that. He he!

And it doesn't get much cuter than these four!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Assisi tomarrow

We're leaving for Assisi tomarrow so we won't be able write for a week, sorry. But, well, the Romans are noisy. And they just randomly bite you. So Assisi will be nice. And I'm not sorry. Well I may be lying. Wouldn't you like to know. Se ya'll later.

Monday, September 18, 2006

We are getting really bad at this

Happy birthday, Ry!!!! (Two days ago.)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baseball and Dancing

This post has been coming for over a week, but the internet hates me. Hopefully this works.

Oreols v. Yankees

A bunch of us went to Camden Yards to see the Oreols beat the snot out of the Yankees. Unfortunately I was with Yankees fans. *shrug* Oh well.

Some people were very much happy to be off campus.

And some not so much.

The Yankees DID hit one homerun. We laughed at the poor Red Sox fan.

In closing, baseball games are fun.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let It Be Known

that I came to the computer lab with the intention of writing up a nice long post about Italian Night complete with picutres. Unfortunately PBJ Girl caught me in my procrastination (Piers Plowman paper due tomorrow) and I have to go back to the room and write it. :( Hope everyone's still having fun in Rome. What's the blog with the picutres?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

When in Rome ...

Wander around screaming like an italian, of course! Ciao all of you Christendomites out there who are reading this blog. In answer to your yet unvoiced questions, yes we are all still alive -- at least of this writing -- and yes, Rome is the most amazing city in the world. Roccoco churches, statues of the saints dozens of feet tall, a warm summer sun, tanning everyone here. Water pours from every street corner, revitalizing the parched. Gelato, limoncello, pasta, pizza, vino, chocolate, birra, and on and on you go. (Meat is a little hard to come by though.) Your worst problems can be solved with baste! Yes, the summer is still here in Rome, and life could not be better.

Last night Sydney, Claire, Andrew, Matt, Paul E., and myself all tossed together a rooftop dinner under the stars. Pasta, bread, potatoes and onions, green beans, and chocolate all were contributed to create a masterpiece of culinary artistry that could have stood with the creations of some of the most seasoned chefs in Italy. (Well, it was close anyway.) Tonight we are going to wander around the center of Rome, and maybe hit a Guiness pub we saw near S. Mary Major, a pub with Getafix rocking it out with an electric guitar. Maybe we will encounter adventure, maybe we will just get lost -- either way it is going to be a whole lot of fun!

We are praying for all of you everywhere we go.

In Rome;