Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday dearest Ibid!


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ibid! Happy birthday to you!


Here's the more accurate version:
Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you act like a monkey and you smell like one too! hehehehehe

Just kidding Ibid, you don't act like a monkey or smell like one. You are 100% created in the image of God and we are all VERY blessed to know you and very honored on this blessed day of your birth to wish you a Happy birthday! (you don't live in a zoo either ;-)

Ibid, Ibid, Ibid ... what shall I say about the Great Ibid? Ibid, you are an amazing person! You have always been there for everyone, even if you couldn't know the whole situation--never once did you flinch an eye when offerring your service of help, whether it be through laughs, gentle words, or kind actions. You are so kind, thoughtful and very funny! Out of all of us, you have the heart of child more down-pat--the kind of heart that we all should strive for, the kind of heart the St. Therese advocates. You have such big, ginormous heart that wants to make everybody happy. Bless you Ibid for that! You are talented, epecially very poetic--taking millions of ladies' breath away with your words ;-) But more importantly Ibid, you are CATHOLIC, a faithful Catholic, who is struggling trying to be a saint like the rest of us! What an honor to share this journey with you---especially in Rome!--for you try to make it as light as possible through your generous personality. May the Lord and all the Hosts of Angels never stop rejoicing at your birth and may they rejoice even louder on this blessed day of days! And may you continue to be a well-lighted path for us while we travel throughout this dark world, so that together, in the end, we will all become saints for the greater glory of God.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. JMJ

    I agree 101%

    Happy Birthday Ibid!

  2. Wow, what can I say after that?

    Happy Birthday Ibid! May the grace of God be with you today and every day of your life!

    I'm praying for you Ibid, grace is the one present that I can send you in time. ;-)

    Happy Birthday, once again!

  3. I don't seem to cry like I used to. I get touched just as much, but rather than crying I feel warm in my chest and my breathing gets harder slightly. I guess its my body trying to keep my tears in. Sometimes, if it is a very special thing, my eyes start to itch as breathing gets laborous.

    That just happened. I really don't know what to say, but thank you, and that what I've done I know that anyone of you would do it for me. Its a trade off called friendship. As the theme song for Friends the show says:

    I'll be there for you
    when the rain starts to pour
    I'll be there for you
    like I've been there before
    I'll be there for you
    'cause you're there for me too...

    Thank you all for putting up with my long winded thank you.

  4. Happy birthday man. See what happens when I go away for the weekend.