Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy 21st Birthday to my Quia!


Well, my Quia.....I am no grand singer......or the wonderful voices of our group of guys who do birthday singing at your window, so forgive me, but:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MY QUIA, (who is on her way to be a lovely skinny cow like myself and 21)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Nothing is more sacred than someone's life, and no words more precious than words that celebrate someone's life. And so, we all say to you in a blessing:

Everytime we think of you, we thank God,
and pray for you with prayers of joy.
For God began a good work in you,
and will complete that work in years to come.

Our prayer for you now is this:
that your love grow richer
in knowledge and insight of every kind,
that you learn by experience
what really matters,
that on the day you appear before God,
God welcome you as a flawless gift,
a rich harvest of praise,
through Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the Lord bless you and keep you; May the Lord shed his light upon you, May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace. May God's dear love which fills your life and touches all you do be a blessing and a special joy on this happy day for you!

Well, well, well my Quia! So, how does it feel to be 21?! Awesome, right? Well, let me just say: you deserve it girl! I so wish I was there to be with you, but . . . financial issues prevent me, but I'm there in spirit, and I do believe I can say for the whole Chaplet that we are all with you in spirit on this wonderful day of days! God bless you, my Quia! God bless you, for you have been the sunshine on rainy days, and have caused people to really sing about something. Whether it be with the big smile on your face, your contagious laugh, your bouncy and beautiful (yes, I'm jealous ;-) blonde hair, your spunky dance moves, your just willing to hang loose and have fun, or your giving heart that never stops giving for those in need.....yes, indeed, you are well on your way with your path to sainthood. And even though you know we all have a long way to go and are constantly struggling, your unceasing love for Christ and family is still portrayed through your actions. And that, my Quia, is called character. Not many of us are blessed with that, so thank you ever so much for sharing it with the world! It is an honor and a privileage to know you and to truely call you: friend. I wish that there was more I could say, but somehow I am totally speechless to describe how much your friendship means to me and to all of us, for that matter. I only hope and pray that we can call return the favor one day. Thank you, my Quia! And happy, HAPPY, blessed birthday to you! And may you ALWAYS keep the Blessed Mother and her Son in your sight.......for they love you so much. God bless!


  1. JMJ

    Thank you dearest Sydney, thank you!
    I'm sorry that I have nothing more that I can say...for my words do not seem to express how much I thank you.

    ~The Quia

  2. After that beautiful speach, all I can say is Happy Birthday to you Keyhole.

  3. Lady, once again you have said something so wonderful that there is nothing more to be said. Why do you have to do that? ;-)

    Happy birthday Claire, and God bless you on your birthday!

    See you in a few days!

  4. She deserves to be 21? *turns head sideways* How does age have merit?

    Anyways, happy birthday, Quia. I'm telling the freshman crazy stories about you.

    Oh there, a girl here who looks like Syd. I get so confused. . .