Sunday, August 20, 2006

The rest of the Cape

I forgot another part of Sunday’s Cape Cod experience. Apparently, one of the members of the congregation at Mass was none other than Harry Connick Jr., singer/actor. I did not see him, but my aunt and cousin apparently did.

Moving on to Monday. Monday was exciting in many ways. To start with, my aunt and uncle took everyone whale watching. Since I had desired to go whale watching since I was half the size of Jenne (long ago, I assure you), I was excited. To simply go out on one of the watching tours was excitement enough. The possibility of seeing any whales in real life was heart racing, in that my heart flew just to think of it. So we got on the boat and went out to sea.
The town we started the tour in, a popular town on the Cape that offers such whale watching tours, is called Providencetown. Now Providencetown is notorious for its residents (human ones, that is). For the past 30 years or so it has been a haven for the homosexual community. Because they have had such a long time of “freedom” to live the way they desire, the homosexual behavior and lifestyle normal subdued in both gays and straights in the rest of the world. Not only did we see people holding hands (man to man, woman to woman) but we saw them do things like friendly pats on the butt, etc. Lets just say I said more than one prayer while riding in the car.
But back to the whales. Many people go whale watching every year. Some have great success in witnessing these whales swim about. Sometimes individuals witness behavior such as bubble feeding, when the whales form a net of bubbles under the water to trap the fish, then swim up into the net to eat a mouthful, to fin and tail slapping, when the fins and tails of the whales are slapped against the surface of the water. Also very popular are breaches, when the whales hurl themselves out of the water. Many people have gone dozens of times trying to see all of these things.
We saw all of it and more on this one trip. It was incredible. There was also a mother and a calf playing around, which was also a rare sight. All of this together was well worth the money spent for the tour.
We went out to eat that night, still in awe of what we saw. It was truly spectacular.

Tuesday, August 15. Feast of the Assumption. That day we went to Mass at the same church we went to on Sunday (see previous post). This time, since we were late, my brother and I sat up in the front, led there by an usher. Good old users, doing their duty. Anyway, once again Ibid’s habit of receiving on the tongue made him walk away with a smile. This time he received in the front of the church from the permanent deacon. The deacon, in true modern communion distribution fashion, did not look up at the recipients until I came along. The only reason he looked up was because the throne-shaped hands he was expecting were still folded. Looking up to see me with my mouth open, a second instinct kicked in, and he gave me my Lord. Then he returned to distributing without raising his head. The priest next to him, who had celebrated the Mass, was doing the more traditional style of raising the host before the communicant before placing it gently into the waiting hands of the person standing there. Ah.
It made me really miss the old CC.

The rest of the day held my brother and I looking for hermit crabs in the tide pools of a certain beach, finding them just as the rain began to pour. We sat around inside the house until the storm, I mean light drizzle, gave up, and the sun began to appear. My brother and I decided to walk down to the beach and see what we could see. It was beautiful. I wish I had had my camera, but it would not have done it justice. Even as I type I tremble of the thought of that beautiful sight. The sea is most gorgeous. I will post the poem I composed after seeing the beauty at a later date. The rest of the night was unexciting, save for the attempts to find out how to keep the hermit crabs alive. They were dead by the morning.

Wednesday was upon us. Only 24 hours before we hopped aboard another plane back home. What could one do at a time like this?
Go claming. My uncle took my brother and me out with his claming gear. It consisted of two buckets and two claming hoes. Claming is a great experience and I highly recommend it to those who can do it, legally of course. Which brings me to how we got in trouble. We had two buckets full of clams, many pretty good sized. They were, of course, rather sandy, and we had to wash them out in the ocean water at that beach. So while we were doing so the fishing warden rode up in his boat. He stopped us, asked for my uncle’s license (we were to be his sons for the day, so it was a father sons claming thing), then began to measure our clams (you can’t take any that are too small) and began to count them out (you can only have 12 quarts worth). All this while the tide was coming in. Eventually we got away with, hopefully, a warning and bout 20 less clams than we had to start with. Clam chowder for dinner that night.
Also, while the clams cooked, my brother and I went back to the beach with the hermit crabs for one more look. My aunt came with us. As we got into the excitement of getting so many little hermit crabs, our aunt, watching us so intently, did not notice the tide creep up the beach to where our bag of stuff was sitting. The bottom of the back got wet as the sea water went in. Most unfortunately for me, my cell phone was on the bottom. It does not work like it should. The little flashlight will not turn off (at least the phone turns on. It wasn’t doing that until yesterday) and the phone will not vibrate. I need a new phone, and hopefully will get one before I board that plane in DC in a week or so.
The chowder was delicious, just in case you were wondering.

Thursday arrived and we were on the road to the airport at 6:30 or so. In the car, my aunt, trying to get conversations going, asked if my brother or I had seen any of our school friends this summer. Patrick said he saw some at band and at baseball. I talked about the Glen Echo trip (only PBJ Girl and Coastie showed up, besides me) and the Summer Institute. I mentioned the talks and said one was on B XVI and Women in the Church. That perked her ears, and asked what the speaker said. I explained what she said (which is on the tape I bought from the Institute). My aunt did not agree. She said some comment, if I heard her correctly, that the Church would have to change the policy on women and priest if it wanted to keep up with the modern world or some jazz like that. Another prayer was said. I arrived home with my brother and grandmother (along with the hermit crabs. Ask me when you see me about that story, getting the crabs from Boston airport to BWI). Here I am, safe and sound.

Any questions? I’ll answer them when I get a chance. What a fun trip. Now I must prepare for that other trip, the one to that other city far away. . .

Friday, August 18, 2006

A trip to the Cape

I guess you have been wondering where I have been, and why I have not done anything online since Friday. Well, the simple answer is that I was at Cap Cod, visiting my aunt and uncle who live up there (linked in there is that I didn't get around to going online).But anyway, I did a lot of things and had lots of fun, and you all missed out big time. HA ha.

Just kidding. It might take a while to say everything I did, and I will try to fit as much as I can on this post, but there will always be more to talk about, as are with all trips. Those of you flying with me, and who will be living with me for the next three months have an advantage that everyone else lacks, so I will try.

I arrived on Saturday, late in the evening. I flew in from BWI (thats the Baltimore airport) with my grandmother and my brother into the Boston airport. My cousin picked us up and we drove to the Cape. We unloaded at the house and turned in, after some sitting, chatting, and eating of sandwhiches.

We woke up the next morning for Sunday Mass at the local parish, Holy Redeemer, the only Catholic church in the area that is open all year round. I walked in, hoping it was a decent church. It looked like, from the outside, a normal church. I walked in and was surprised. The first thought that came into my head was, where's the tabernacle (I then thought of the joke that Cardinal Arinze made at the Summer Institute about that exact subject). It was over to the side, under a veil of sorts. There were not any big stained glass windows, and the chair for the priest was in the center of the front of the church (the name slips me right now). The Mass wasn't so bad, no worse than any back home, but I had some fun when i went up for communion. I recieve on the tongue, and the Eucharistic minister I recieved from wasn't really looking up, since he was in put in hand mode, and almost put the host on my folded hands, then looked up and changed the place. It was funny, kinda. But remember that event, for I will be referencing it later.
For the rest of that day we relaxed, going to the beach, relaxing in the sun, flopping around in the surf. Wonderful. For dinner we each had a whole lobster (very filling for those who have not had one before) and went to bed content.

Monday through Thursday will be posted later. Sorry to build suspense like that, but its 11:30 at night and I'm tired.

Happy 21st Birthday to my Quia!


Well, my Quia.....I am no grand singer......or the wonderful voices of our group of guys who do birthday singing at your window, so forgive me, but:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MY QUIA, (who is on her way to be a lovely skinny cow like myself and 21)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Nothing is more sacred than someone's life, and no words more precious than words that celebrate someone's life. And so, we all say to you in a blessing:

Everytime we think of you, we thank God,
and pray for you with prayers of joy.
For God began a good work in you,
and will complete that work in years to come.

Our prayer for you now is this:
that your love grow richer
in knowledge and insight of every kind,
that you learn by experience
what really matters,
that on the day you appear before God,
God welcome you as a flawless gift,
a rich harvest of praise,
through Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the Lord bless you and keep you; May the Lord shed his light upon you, May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace. May God's dear love which fills your life and touches all you do be a blessing and a special joy on this happy day for you!

Well, well, well my Quia! So, how does it feel to be 21?! Awesome, right? Well, let me just say: you deserve it girl! I so wish I was there to be with you, but . . . financial issues prevent me, but I'm there in spirit, and I do believe I can say for the whole Chaplet that we are all with you in spirit on this wonderful day of days! God bless you, my Quia! God bless you, for you have been the sunshine on rainy days, and have caused people to really sing about something. Whether it be with the big smile on your face, your contagious laugh, your bouncy and beautiful (yes, I'm jealous ;-) blonde hair, your spunky dance moves, your just willing to hang loose and have fun, or your giving heart that never stops giving for those in need.....yes, indeed, you are well on your way with your path to sainthood. And even though you know we all have a long way to go and are constantly struggling, your unceasing love for Christ and family is still portrayed through your actions. And that, my Quia, is called character. Not many of us are blessed with that, so thank you ever so much for sharing it with the world! It is an honor and a privileage to know you and to truely call you: friend. I wish that there was more I could say, but somehow I am totally speechless to describe how much your friendship means to me and to all of us, for that matter. I only hope and pray that we can call return the favor one day. Thank you, my Quia! And happy, HAPPY, blessed birthday to you! And may you ALWAYS keep the Blessed Mother and her Son in your sight.......for they love you so much. God bless!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Freshman

It's done. I can't believe it. I've made Bob watch it five or six times already, changing things each time. Of course she never noticed the changes, but to me they were huge. :) Anyway it's finished. I think it's as good as it's going to get on Windows Media Movie Maker. I'm hoping Colin is still interested in helping me with a Vegas version, 'cause that would be wicked!!! But if not, I'm satisfied with this. I never planned for anything better than Movie Maker, so Vegas would be frosting. (Yummy rich chocolate frosting, but frosting none the less.)

I'm not quite sure if I want to have my own little "mini premier" or if I just want to show it to people at their leisure. Frankly, I don't think I could wait to get a group together. I'll probably walk through the door of our room and, with out even saying hi, tell PBJ Girl to watch the movie. :) Maybe not. What do ya'll think? I mean, everyone on the blog helped with the movie. Except Peach. How'd that happen? Anyway, the eight of you that did help are in the credits. For everything from starring in the movie (Carducci & Quia), to minor roles (PBJ Girl), to extras (Jericho, CO, & PQ), to pirating extension cords (Ry), to sharing a camera & giving experienced advice (Ibid). There is also a blooper reel, that I think is pretty funny. I was told not to make a blooper reel for a 5 min sad movie, but I did it. Oh well. Don't watch it if you want. It makes me giggle. I also have movie "stills" if y'all are interested in seeing. Heck, you're going to have to look at them even if you don't. :D

Here's Aeneas telling his tradgic tale.

Gail and Mark falling in love. Awww. (This angle was Quia's idea and I protested. It turned out to be a good idea. Thanks Quia.)

The cave scene. *gasp* The scandal.

Anna consoling Dido.

Gail and her friend talking about, what else, a boy.

Did you know there's already a movie called The Freshman. It's a mob movie staring Marlin Brando. I did not know that until yesterday. Oh well. Ce' la vi.

Speaking of school. (Who was speaking of school?) When is everyone getting back. Granted I know at least two of you are going straight to Rome without a second glance back to us Americans. *sniff, sniff* But what about everyone else? I'm getting in on the evening/night of the 17th. Welcoming committee here I come. I've been trying to think of good ways to scare the freshman. hehehe

Saturday, August 12, 2006


hi all. happy b-day Ibid! well, ibid's not the only b-day person this week. i turned 19 on the 10th, i guess none of you knew that. well, i took a 10-hour motorcycle class that day and the next and i qualified for my license, yay! so anyway, happy birthday again to ibid, and to claire, whose b-day is coming up. i just wanted to say it now in case i forgot later, because its awful forgetting a persons b-day.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday dearest Ibid!


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ibid! Happy birthday to you!


Here's the more accurate version:
Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you act like a monkey and you smell like one too! hehehehehe

Just kidding Ibid, you don't act like a monkey or smell like one. You are 100% created in the image of God and we are all VERY blessed to know you and very honored on this blessed day of your birth to wish you a Happy birthday! (you don't live in a zoo either ;-)

Ibid, Ibid, Ibid ... what shall I say about the Great Ibid? Ibid, you are an amazing person! You have always been there for everyone, even if you couldn't know the whole situation--never once did you flinch an eye when offerring your service of help, whether it be through laughs, gentle words, or kind actions. You are so kind, thoughtful and very funny! Out of all of us, you have the heart of child more down-pat--the kind of heart that we all should strive for, the kind of heart the St. Therese advocates. You have such big, ginormous heart that wants to make everybody happy. Bless you Ibid for that! You are talented, epecially very poetic--taking millions of ladies' breath away with your words ;-) But more importantly Ibid, you are CATHOLIC, a faithful Catholic, who is struggling trying to be a saint like the rest of us! What an honor to share this journey with you---especially in Rome!--for you try to make it as light as possible through your generous personality. May the Lord and all the Hosts of Angels never stop rejoicing at your birth and may they rejoice even louder on this blessed day of days! And may you continue to be a well-lighted path for us while we travel throughout this dark world, so that together, in the end, we will all become saints for the greater glory of God.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Birthday part

I had my birthday party today (a day early, I know, but tomorrow is the crab feast at my parish and that is not something to miss). There were many great presents but one of the highlights, if not the highlight, was the, drumroll please. . .

Canon ZR300 camcorder!
That's right folks. Ibid's got a camcorder. That means more pictures, more movies, more "famous British director" nonsense. Of course, my joy had to be short lived. I was examining what I have in my camera, and how to put things on a computer. I found out how to take photos off of the camera's memory stick using the provided USB cord. However, I was not able to get film of the tape I have. Why? Because I need another cable that is sold seperatly, a DV cable. But to se that I need a DV port, which I'm pretty sure I don't have. Firewire, if I'm not mistaken, is an example of a DV cable. I guess I need to do more shopping. Alas, that means the super cut of Promise may still be prolonged until I can get that footage onto my computer.

Other than that I'm a very happy Ibid. On Saturday I'm flying with my brother and grandmother up to Cap Cod to visit my aunt and uncle up there. It will be my first plane ride, a kind of preporation for Rome. Hopefully all goes well and I don't get arrested at the gate.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hollywood Took It!

So I was watching Gilmore Girls yesterday and I noticed something very peculiar. There was a painting proped up on some of the stuff they'd just gotten in Europe. (Because they were celebrating Rory graduating from high school and going to Yale.) I didn't get a great look, but the painting looked familiar, really familiar. Then it hit me. Sitting next to 200 lbs of biscotti was The WALLFLOWER! I kid you not. Granted this was season three, so it's a couple of years old. I just want to know who decided to hide the Wallflower on the set of the Gilmore Girls. I want to shake their hand.

I heard something on the radio this morning that I thought you all would be equally interested. I have no idea what it was. Sorry.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Highest Love"

I wrote this this morning before work. Enjoy.

"Highest Love"
How does my love look when she sleeps?
She sleeps quietly, not snoring,
Soon sighing as she is dreaming.
When the nightmare and terror disturb
That quiet surrender to peace,
She stirs, moans, and cries out for me.
Her face distorts, her mouth hangs wide.
Her body shakes, her arms reach out
For my hands, my side, anything
To let her know I am with her.
She starts awake, calling my name,
Shouting and shaking, then waking
To find herself alone again.
“Lover answer,” she calls to me.
Yet from my lips I answer not.
“My love, where are you. It is dark
and I need your light to guide me,
your eyes to see the barren path.
I desire your close embrace,
If the danger draws too closely.
Oh sweetest soul, answer me.”
No answer, for I do not hear.
“Will you ignore your lover’s plea?”
I remain silent to her ear.
“I need you now, what do you say?”
I say nothing, for only that
Is enough to explain my love.
“forget you then,” my love screams.
“what love could you have with no yes
Or no, or go, or stay with me?
How does one stay with the one who
Chooses his own life over her?”
With that I reply to my love,
Who has screamed in the darkest night,
Called me in the darkest night.
“Sweet,” I call her, for that she is.
“I am here, be afraid no more.
I would never abandon you,
Not if someone better comes by,
Nor if you betray me, left me,
For others have done it before,
Yet I still remained close to them.
As to answer your pondering
Of the selfishness of my heart,
Consider what I did for you.
Long ago, before the Earth
Existed, I loved you to death;
To death I went because of love,
For you and for all, to save you.
I will never abandon you
In the darkest pits of the night,
To the dangers of a hunter.
For you are mine; I do love you.
But you also must love me back.
Call for me during the good times,
Not just when darkness beckons you.
Tell me of good things, not just bad.
That way we will share that deep love.
We will be united as one,
To live together forever,
To gaze upon each other’s face.”
She soon settles back into sleep.
I sigh and long for her sweet eyes.
There I watch her, my love doest lie.
How she looks when she is asleep.