Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stop the Presses!

It happened! They finally did it! It took them six years but they finally did it.

The Christendom website's course Bulletin has been updated. No longer are we taking only three history classes and five English. No longer are the History classes named different things. They are all updated. Also updated on the site are the books needed for English classes. All the major requirements are also updated. In other words, if one needs to know what the classes left to take are like, the new Bulletin is online. Go check it out. The only thing not yet updated is the seperate page about the different core classes and their books. They are still waiting for Volume IV for history 201. But don't worry. Its due out any time now. It should be out in 1999.


  1. Um... 1999?

    You mean 7 years ago? It's 2006 right now buddy. Just so you know.

    (You knew that didn't you? :D)

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  3. Wait. Who am I? Who are you people? What is this thing?

    Quick Xordac, back to the mothership!