Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hey everyone! How we all doing? Long time no talk. So yea. I'm good. Anyway, what's everyone up to?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


For those who are interested, summer has been going great. I'm sure that all of of you have had great summers, and have been enjoying my random deep thoughts. I'll have you know that work is going fine, that I'm making money (almost $500 so far) and am very excited about Rome. I've been working on more movies. First on the list is a short into to a non existent movie. I don't know who will be in it, but it could be interesting. More on that at it develops. Also I have completed the script for the remake of Chase, one of the movies I made in high school. I'm going to rename it, of course. I also want to see if I can make it completely with un copywritten music, which hopefully will be the hardest part. I'm open to suggestions for the movie's new name. I will be sending the script out to possible cast members before the summer is over. I also re edited Promise and put it on a DVD using the DVD burning software that came with the Vegas Home Studio. It looks a lot better now. I want to bring it to Rome so that others can see it as it is, a movie, and not something thrown together on Windows Movie Maker.

Now for the heading of the post. As some of you may know (I think I've told one of you at least) I was very interested in going to the summer institute at Christendom, mainly to see cardinal Arinze but also to be on campus again and do things like that before I leave for Rome. So I wanted to go for the weekend. However, I was not sure that it would be easy for my family to come and drive a 3 hour drive Friday night and Saturday morning. My family would be exhausted. Also there is some family get together stuff, so if I were to go the family would be really pressed for time. Basically put, I needed some place to stay near (or possibly on) campus. So I called, couldn't get through, called again with the same results, and finally on Friday I called, asked to be transferred to admissions (who apparently is running the thing. Who would've thought?) and asked if there was any way for me to stay on campus for the talk. They said maybe, probably, that I could stay on campus if I volunteered to help for the weekend. I said I wanted to help. They said that's great, thank you, and that I didn't have to pay. They would send me an email detailing the weekend. Well they do have room for me to sleep, and I'm going to be doing helpful things that weekend, while seeing all the talks and people. I will be working with low brow people like Angela Von Ehr, The Rices, The Bergida Family, and Mickey Krebbs. You too can join our gang. Just call the school and say you are interested in volunteering for the Summer Institute. The weekend is July 28-29. You get to hear and meet people for free and get to see me. What better excuse do you need than that. Of course, I know that only about 5 of the Chaplet is in the area, and of that 5 only about 2 are going to read this post, but if you can reach those people please spread the word. Maybe we can hang out on Friday or Saturday night or something like that. That could be fun.

I am also pleased to announce that I am finished Volume I of my history of Western Civilization notes. Not just finished the rough draft. Finished completly, like it is ready for others to read over it. I'm excited. I think I'll bring a copy of it to Dr. O'Donnell. I'm sure he would like it.

I'm still working on getting a camcorder, which I will bring to Rome. It may end up working out that I buy half of it with someone for my birthday.

For all those who are amazed at the fact that I bought more books over the past year at school than most people buy in a lifetime will be even more amazed when I tell you what happened. I went to a used book sale at one of the public libraries in Maryland. I went crazy, and ended up buying $11.55 worth of books. That's a lot when soft backs were like 6 for a dollar and hardbacks were I believe $.50 each. I have a whole bunch of new books. Plus my mom had gone the day before and bought some more books for me (ever heard of a little book called How the Irish Saved Civilization?). Of course, some of the books I bought were for school, such as an Italian-English dictionary and Willa Cather's My Antonia, but then again some were just for fun.

And to make matters even greater, my birthday is the same day as my parish's Crab Feast (August 11 for those who forgot. I expect money).

Life Rules.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mmmmmm ....

*Deep Breath*

"Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dearest Sydney.
Happy birthday to you!"

Many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday wonderfull, and may God shower His blessing upon you especially on this glorious day!

So ... do you have any requests?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Story Time

Some of yous have asked about the picture I posted awhile back. I will now tell you. Quick time warp.

It's early spring 2006. I am in a car with Peachy, Quia, and the non-Carducci Liz. Liz is driving, Quia has shotgun and Peachy and I are in the back. It's a beautiful day and we're all in a good mood as we drive through the beautiful countryside on our way to play practice. Opening night is fast approaching and tensions are high, but in the safety of Liz's white car, we amuse ourselves with a game of yellow car. I am always a bit aprehensive about playing with Peachy, because he hits hard. But we had driven through FR and I had easily gotten the upper hand. We were now in the country and there were very few (like none) yellow cars. I had relaxed some, but still had my eyes peeled for yellow cars, as did Peachy and Quia.

I think we all saw the farm equiptment at the same time. Quia's mouth opened and Peach's arm poised to strike as I yelled, "No! Farm equipment doesn't count!" Quia looked at me curiously as Peachy slumped slightly, defeated. He thought for a second as sat up straighter again and looked as though he was going to punch me anyways. "No!" I said, "That is one of the very first rules of yellow car." Quia and Peachy looked at me curiously, so I continued. "Yellow car is limited to cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcylces, SUVs and the like. Oh, and Hummers get two hits, in case you didn't know. School buses and farm equipment don't count." Peachy opened his mouth to protest. "Let me explain," I said. "Farm equipment isn't allowed, because one of my friends back home lives near a cat dealership and we would be black and blue if we ever tried. And in an attempt to keep the rules universal, it applies to all farm equipment." I stopped. Everyone in the car was staring at me. Even Liz was looking in the rear view mirror. I looked from Peach to Quia and back again. "Really, there are a lot of cats there and I think we'd probably kill each other." I thought they doubted the amount of cats and thought Meche and I to be wusses or something.

Silence continued. Liz had finally put her eyes back on the road, but Peach and Quia still looked at me with great confusion. Finally, after what seemed to be minutes (probably half a minute max), Peachy looked at me and said, "Your friend lives by a cat dealership." It was my turn to look at him funny. "Well, yes. I guess not right by it. I mean, you pass it on the way to her house. She lives out of town." He continued to look at me. "A cat dealership?" Then it hit me. He may be an Eagle Scout, but that doesn't mean he knows farm equipment. Rand and I once tried to explain what a combine was to someone at Christendom, so I guess this wasn't too strange. "Yes, Peachy, a cat dealership. You know, Butler?" He shook his head. "Bobcat?" At that he looked startled. "Oh come on Peachy, you know what a cat is." He gave me a very strange look and gave a tentative, "Meow." I have laughed very hard in my life before. I've laughed till my face hurt, stomach hurt, till I wasn't breathing in anymore, till I cried, and yes, even to the point of wetting my pants. Granted the last two did not happen in that car. Despite that, I think that may have been one of the hardest laughs I'd had in a very long time. After I started laughing, Quia and Liz joined in. Peachy even began to laugh, although he didn't seem to know what about.

Once I'd regained my breath, I looked at a now thoroughly confused Peachy and said, "No, Peach. A cat is short for caterpillar. It's a piece of farm or road construction equipment. Like a back hoe or skid steer or front loader." It took a few more minutes of straightening out, but eventually Peachy was consouled with the fact that we do not sell kittens in dealerships. And we do not paint them yellow and put them on display on the roadside. Maybe when cow tipping losses it's fun, but not for now.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rich Irish people.

I thought certain Irephile members would be interested.

I heard on the news recently that the 2005 Human Development Report has ranked Ireland as second with regard to standards of living in the world today. The Irish are richest bar Norway. Ireland traditionally has been Europes poor brother. However this happened must be something.

God Bless.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stop the Presses!

It happened! They finally did it! It took them six years but they finally did it.

The Christendom website's course Bulletin has been updated. No longer are we taking only three history classes and five English. No longer are the History classes named different things. They are all updated. Also updated on the site are the books needed for English classes. All the major requirements are also updated. In other words, if one needs to know what the classes left to take are like, the new Bulletin is online. Go check it out. The only thing not yet updated is the seperate page about the different core classes and their books. They are still waiting for Volume IV for history 201. But don't worry. Its due out any time now. It should be out in 1999.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Captain Oblivious

Hello to all. This post is merely to ask Cpt. Oblivious if or when his family will be moving out to FR. I thought the move was going to take place during the summer, and it occurred to me that if they were already out here than I wanted to see him!

I thought of one more thing to tell y'all. My Wicked Cool Uncle Jenislawski has offered me a job with the company he's trying to start up. They are restoring old Catholic books that are out of print, in other languages, etc. I will be talking to him and his partner about it tomorrow (Sat), so please pray for me to make a good decision about taking the job or not.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Cat Dealership