Sunday, June 04, 2006

Report cards

Your report cards will be coming soon. So, either be prepared to show them happily to your parents, or hide them in your desk or something.

I'm not gonna say what I got on my report card yet. For the details, see my blog. Let's just say this taste, a preview:

I've decided to enter myself into the mental running for cum laude. If all my report cards are like the one I just got today, It will be easy. Or at least not impossible. In fact, it is very possible.

Well, that was pretty round about.


  1. My grades keep on going up. I'm up point two points from last time. No Cs, only one B- and somehow I managed an A in literature. I somehow knew that getting around to the modern period would help my grade in that subject.

  2. I've decided to enter myself into the mental running for graduation. If I keep getting report cards like this one, I, too, will have a shot.

  3. I get to come back next semester... YAY!

  4. JMJ
    Looks like things are looking up all around;-)

  5. My GPA went up almost a whole number!!! W00t. Although I have yet to get an A in a class. . . (Darn it Bracy, I was so close!)