Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Phantom Update

I've been busy. Somewhat. Bob and I went down to Sioux Falls a couple of days ago for one of my friend's ordination to the diaconate. This was my first ordination, and, whoa, talk about cool. I've experienced or seen all the other sacraments. (Although, I'm thinking back to the few weddings I've seen and. . . hmm, maybe. The rest of the sacraments, I've experienced personally, so we're good on that. And what does this have to do with the price of cheese? Sorry, 'bout that.) Anyway, it was totally cool and if any of you guys (and I do mean guys :P) want to become priests, I am so behind you! (Well, except maybe Basil Howe. Basil, if you're reading this, don't even think about it. Everyone else, go for it.) So my friend, Toma. (nickname) Great guy and now he's got three indelible marks on his soul. Lucky dog. It was so bizarre, though, because there was a general reception afterwards. There were so many people there I haven't since the summer before I came to Christendom. Granted, I'm kind of at the same spot I was at that point. (Sick, single, not sure what I want to do with my life, living at home, and jobless. Wow, I sound like a bum.) Or at least superficially. Ha ha. I do like to think I've grown since then.

I wasn't able to make it to Toma's private party. (Stupid, stupid head.) But Bob went so that was good. The next day I was able to see Kali (y'all remember her, right?), who is off to Penn. for some more Army training. She's changing her MOS from mechanical to chemical so she can be part of some chemical reconnaissance team. She's also applying to be a sergant, which is crazy, because she's only been in for a couple of years. But it sounds like she's going to get it. (I think I'm going to have to start saluting her.)

We left for home the next morning at early. (5 am.) Bob hadn't gotten much sleep and was in a fowl mood, so the car ride back wasn't too pleasant. At least Grumpy Gills made me sit in the back seat, so it wasn't all akward and I'm-going-to-pretend-I'm-giving-you-space-even-though-I'm-in-
the-seat-next-to-you. But then we stopped at Perkins (y'all know what a Perkins is?) and got foods and life was better.

Since then I've been painting the railing on the deck (scraping rust off of metal is not an enjoyable task) and mixing techno songs (or at least trying). Oh! I got my grades. Other than that one soar spot which is Latin, I did pretty well. I guess you could say I got 5 Ds, but 4 of them were wearing belts. He he! No Cs, and unfortunately, no A's. But someday. My GPA is finally not something I want to throw up on, although I think I'm going to be working my little Phantom bum off trying to make it presentable. I'm counting on PBJ Girl being a good influence.


  1. Ordinations are really cool, especially when they are multicultural, with some Puerto Rican music. Ok, it was different, but still, ordinations are awesome. And you didn't even see a priestly one. Tell your friend congratulations.

    And congrats to you on your grades. I'm sure that things can only get better, now that you are finished with Strickland.

    You are finished with him, right?

  2. All of them? Really? Hmm...

    Man... I wish I was a bum. That'd be sweet.

    ...I can't remember what else you said. Rock, rockin' the grades though, das' pretty cool.