Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Look

Once again, the 8 oc has had some major changes. The pictures were taken off, because some people no longer felt safe with their pictures on the blog. It had been decided way back when I put the pictures up, that if, for any reason, someone had a problem with it, they would all be taken down. It would just look weird with some pictures up and some down and some of fairies. I also mixed around the order of some things on the side bar. I'm still hoping to get a picture of Mary up on the sidebar. I don't know why I never did. Anyway, so any preferences on the picture? Our Lady of Guadalupe? Lourdes? Miraculous Medal? Help of Christians? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Anyway, I hope these changes are to everyone's liking, and if not. Well, let me or Ry know. I hope summer's going well. I've got one week left of bio 101 and then a week off and then environmental biology. The class is really interesting. I'm thinking I really like genetics. I've been doing some more research into the bioethics thing, and I've found most bioethicists have some kind of specialty. I'm leaning towards either embryology or genetics. *shrug* But we will see. I'll know more once I get past the 101 stage!


  1. Actually, it would be funny if there was a picture of Ferris Beuller on the blog.

    The American historian in me wants to see the American patroness, but at the same time, us Christians need help. The Carroll side of me is not helping, since they want both Guadalupe and Fatima up there, along with some pro-Spain and anti-Communist things.

  2. Could you say that in English?

  3. Put up as many pictures of Mary as possible.