Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Update

For those of you who have been worried about my summer situation, here's an update.
Today i went to the MVA (aka the DMV) to take my learner's permit law test. If you recall from the return party around the bonfire after Spring Break, and my complaints then, I had failed the law test before in an attempt to renew said learner's. Well, I went to take it today. Lucky for me the little bar code tab thing I had kept remembered all my information so I went straight into the test. I answered 17 questions correct, the minimum to pass the test, and then, suddenly, it said I had gotten 17/17 right. the test was over; I had gotten 100%. I Passed the test. So I went up and got my stuff to get my learners, and now I have a little learner's card. I really like my picture, even if it makes me look like a monk. If only I could show it to you guys. But, such is life.
Then I went to the bank, and deposited my last work check, along with others. I've got more than 3,000 in my name now. That's not even including what I'm gonna make at Maryland. I'm excited.
Now, because of said learner's, I am ready for my next big thing for the summer: passport, which should be easy now that I have the ID to back up my name. I just got to get around to doing it, taking the picture, etc.

Summer fun, only begun.


  1. Scan the picture and post it on the blog. Or take a picture of it.

    Nice work though. Maybe now you'll actually get some driving in before it expires.

    God Bless

  2. Is that the "test" that asks about road signs? We really are too much alike, Matt - I failed that the first time, too.

    Did you know that an arrow pointing left means LEFT turn ahead, not right?

  3. Actually, to make things worse, I passed it the first two times, and failed the third. Now I've passed the fourth. Hopefully that will be the last, but we'll see.