Thursday, June 29, 2006

More deep thoughts, with Jack Handy

I know that this is a long post, but Smitha read it and said it was good. I hope that it does not bore or otherwise cause distraction. It doesn't have a title, but I guess it doesn't need one. Its because I've been reading all about C. S. Lewis. i guess I just want to write about our times.

I have noticed something about modern society. It actually is something I’ve probably seen before, but never thought about. In fact, the more I think about it, the more certain I am that I not only knew about it already, but I’ve been told it a million times before. But enough with background introductions and let us move on to the main body.

The modern world has become unnatural. All of today’s world problems reflect this unnatural feeling towards creation. This becomes clear in examining the interests and pastimes of certain groups of people, namely the “MTV crowd,” as they have been called. The interests include drinking, free sex, contraception, and disdain for order and authority, whether it be parental or social. It can be seen in many places, least of which is on MTV herself, whether on TV, in the movies, or, unfortunately, in the lives of “role models” found on today’s magazine racks. The horrors mentioned above, of which I am sure you are familiar with, are rampant, frequently attained, and open to anyone. How did all of this come about? It all comes from a revolution against the natural order. These interests are rooted in the inter-workings of nature. They take natural processes and turn them upside-down, abusing them for a selfish, almost satanic purpose.

Look at drinking. This is not drinking as in what I just did, of taking a bottle of water, putting it to one’s lips, pouring the water into the mouth, and swallowing. That is not what I am referring to, although it will be brought up in a moment. What I am referring to is process of getting drunk, of taking in as much alcohol as humanly possible until one is not able to function. Therein lies the abuse. It is not only an abuse of the alcohol, which in the technical sense is no different than the water I just drank, save for the fact that it can alter the physical person depending on the amount taken in. Alcohol is a naturally forming drink. If a grape burst open and somehow is left to ferment, it will naturally turn alcoholic (or into vinegar, depending on certain factors). The abuse is when the person who drinks the said alcohol, lets say wine for example, does it to an excess.

Now the matter of abuse does not solely rely on the fact that the person drank too much alcohol. It depends on the person’s will in drinking. If a person, say a young man who had never had a glass of wine before, drinks two glasses where his body can only function normally after one, he may become intoxicated. He was not aware that that much alcohol would affect him in that way. He had no experience in that field, and probably did not even notice the alcoholic effects of the first glass until he had already begun the second one. His intoxication is, in sense, natural. For in a similar vein, animals in the wild can eat certain fruit or grass that has a similar effect to our drunkenness. These animals, as with the young man, like the taste of the intoxicator and continue to take it in until they are not able to function properly. There is a case, a recent one, of a goose that ate a certain type of grass that led to its intoxication. It hit a car while flying. Accidental intoxication, therefore, is a type of warning in nature, not to harm the body. Like a bad smelling plant or porcupine’s thorns, accidental intoxication is the natural way to protect the body from harming itself.

But let us return to the problem at hand, that of unnatural alcohol abuse. What happens is this: A man or woman goes out of his or her way to become intoxicated. It does not happen by accident but by design. The person uses the natural act of drinking, the same one I used to drink water, and the natural creation of a fermented drink for the wrong purposes. Rather than drinking the alcohol for refreshment or for the taste the person drinks it to harm himself. There the natural aspect has been lost, and a sub-natural one has taken over. The person is less natural than animal. Unfortunately, this is not a new thing. For thousands of years the abuse of alcohol has destroyed men and nations. It has been condemned by many, including God Himself. Yet it persists today and is glorified by those who despise what is natural.

What suffers similar abuse, but to a much more secretive degree, is the marital act. It goes by many names, and will be referred to here as its shortened reference, sex. Sex is one of the most blessed acts every bestowed upon man by God. It was created with a twofold purpose: to create life and to bring a married couple together, for “a man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they shall be two in one flesh” (Gen 2:24). For one can not exist without the other. New life needs a family, and marriage is the perfect place for the new life to grow.
Both aspects of sex are under attack in this modern world. For new advances in sciences are aimed not at preserving the union of sex but rather at breaking it apart. Everyday scientists work hard to find simpler, more efficient contraceptives that remove all chance of life beginning. It is all in support of the “free love” aspect of modern society. What was once God’s most blessed gift has become another article of fun, another tool to pleasure. What was once used for the miracle of life and the holy bond of marriage has become something you must do as many times in your life as you can with just as many people. It is with shock and scorn that the modern world greets a man who is abstaining from sex until marriage. Why, this puzzled broken generation asks, would one not want to enjoy sex? Of course, one could argue that it would be better to keep sex within marriage, where it belongs, because it is more binding than many realize, that it is best with the person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with. However the modern world to shouts back, “why would we want to stay with one person our entire life?” And the angry shouts continue into the night, when the people are amused by the lifestyle of one who does not live in the light.

Sex is a natural thing. It is how human beings reproduce, as well as bind wedded couples together. It is natural, therefore, that a married couple use sex as a way to bring offspring, that is, children, into the world. The unnatural vice of modern society to not only encourage premarital sex but to encourage blocking the very crucial life aspect of the act is appalling. Sex has been taken from its pedestal, thrown to the ground, and stomped on. It has been taken, like drinking alcohol, not only to a subhuman level, but a sub-natural one. All the original reasons for sex have been removed and thrown away as the youth of the world have thrown themselves into the modern orgy that is our world.

Following in the wake of these atrocities is disdain for authority. Anyone with authority, whether it be parents, governmental, or spiritual have been dismissed, by this modern society as not only unnecessary but as evil. This is not a new problem either, for it goes back to the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, where all authority was said to be dead. The thinkers of the Enlightenment felt that each individual is responsible for his or her own actions, and no one can tell the people what they can or cannot do. The role of the state for these people, as Hobbes suggested, is merely to ensure one can do what ever he or she wishes, not to dictate morality upon the masses. Church authorities have been told to butt out, parents have been rebelled against, and the government in many places has been attacked. Order, a natural process, has been abandoned. Even God has been attacked and declared defeated. Nothing seems natural, and nothing seems real. A popular song from the Vietnam War era (“For What It's Worth” performed by Buffalo Springfield) says it well: “Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.”

Those words surmise this society. The relativism of the world has shown that when nothing is true, nothing makes sense. One can not remove what is natural and still survive. It is through the natural that we has living beings have any chance of living in any society. To abandon so blatant a necessity is literally suicide. We can only hope that eventually common sense and logic, which have also been abandoned as of late, will rise from the ashes that were once civilization.

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