Friday, June 16, 2006

Life is Good

Hello All!

PBJgirl is still alive and kicking. Although I don't have much energy for the kicking part right now. It was a non-w00t night at work. Buuuuuuttttt. . . Teddy is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and has been for over a week. What more can I say? Life is good!
In between all my time with him, I've started babysitting for the J'ski's little girl. She is sooooooo cute! And it's so weird to see J'ski in grubbys! The first day I went to their house he addressed me as his "favorite niece." He's so wicked cool! I'm glad we adopted him!
Well, I haven't discovered any new shark species, honestly I haven't been looking. But, I have been reading. Currently I'm engrossed in "Conceived Without Sin" by Bud McFarlane. I am really enjoying it.
I miss all of you. I got to see Bowman the other day when I stopped by at Christendom. I think Ibid, Carducci and I need to plan a get-together. PQ, where do you live? I can't remember. Maybe you should be part of that get-together too. Oh, and Ry also, if he has any spare time (*doubtful frown*).
Well, I'm off to read my book and catch some z's.
Happy Father's Day to all your dads. I'll keep them in my prayers this sunday.


  1. W00t!!!! Have fun with the J-skis.
    Have you read Pierced By A Sword and House of Gold?

  2. Sounds like fun. I live in Manassas Park just advacent to Manassas.

    God Bless.

  3. Get togethers are always good. That's why I decided not to work on Fridays this summer, just in case I got contacted by someone desperate for my attention.

  4. Wow, I rate a passing mention from the PBJ Girl. I must rock. Totally.

    ; )

    (And don't let PBJ Girl's overly-bubbly mention of her man's arrival fool you -- she was much more excited in real life. I almost had to take out the stun gun we keep under the desk for people who don't pay their fines.)