Saturday, June 10, 2006

Homeschooling Conference

Well, I went to the conference, where there were a whole bunch of books. BOOKS PEOPLE! I couldn't help myself. More on that in a moment. First, the people. I saw Joe Mazarra and Andy Cole, together, as well as Draper Warren. It was fun seeing people I actually knew. I also stopped by and said hi to Tom McFadden at the Christendom stand, where I got a new map (an updated photo one) and other stuff. I also saw Mike Powell, and two of his sisters, who were working a stand. Mike was also promoting Chorus. There I saw the poster for the movie, which is an awesome, near breath taking thing. There was also a summery of the movie, as well as a laptop to show the trailer. I walked up to the place, looking at the poster, and commented to the girls behind the table (I didn't realize who they were then, but they looked familiar) that the poster looks really good. They asked if I was interested in it, and I said a little, since I helped make the movie, and am in it, and am in the trailer. By then they had gotten a better look at me, and realized that, yes, my hairy mug is in fact in the trailer. So we got to talking and I was excited. It was really exciting. It was later that I realized I forgot to email Mike and ask for my own poster, to have and to hold, richer or poorer, till misfortune do we part.
But anyway, to the exciting things, like the books I bought. This year I bought less than last, but the ones I bought were really good. So Here's what I got:

Mexican Martyrdom - About the Mexican revolution and the Church persecution involved.

Secular Saints - by Joan Carroll Cruz; discusses saints who reached their rank not through mystic visions or religious vows. These are all lay saints, people like you and me.

Philip II - by William Thomas Walsh; Used and highly reccommended by Dr. Carroll in Volume IV.

The Glory of Christendom - By Warren H. Carroll; I lost my other copy of this one at school (mysteriously...). Now I have the complete set of A history of Christendom (so far, that is)

Lepanto - by G. K. Chesterton with notes/commentary, ed. Dale Alhquist; the best possible combo of a poem and the background behind it.

St. Thomas Aquinas - By G. K. Chesterton; Now I have the 2 biographies, St. Francis and St. Thomas, that GK wrote.

C.S. Lewis and the Catholic Church - by Joseph Pearce; I bought this, not knowing it was a presigned copy (not a stamped one, an actual written with a pen signiture). It is about Lewis and what stopped him from becoming a Catholic, something that has often puzzled me.

The Irish in America - A kid's book, but pretty comprehensive, and gives me names and battles to look up for my thesis.

The Spirit of '76 - Not only was this used by Carroll in Volume V, but it is also an out of print Christendom Press book.

I also ordered to be sent to me the following:

Isabella of Spain - William Thomas Walsh; Highly recommended by Carroll (he used it in Isabel of Spain and in Volume II), and I used it for my paper on her as well. I really wanted to read it, and now I can.

Characters of the Inquisition - William Thomas Walsh; Also used and recommened by Carroll in Volume III. Should be interesting.

So that's what I got. I will, eventually, read all of these books and more before I die. I saw some copies of some Dostoyevsky books, but they were not in that great of condition. So I skipped on them. Oh well.

Also, my parish held the annual softball tournament for the Archdiocese. We didn't make it to the finals, but I think most of them had fun. It was great, even if I was too old to play.


  1. +JMJ+

    That's awesome, Ibid.!! Those books sound really good!

  2. Those books sound great!!! I'm going to have to jump you some time and take them and get them read before the security guard chases me down.

  3. For most of them you probably are gonna have to break into my house. Then you probably got to find them among the huge amount of books I own.