Wednesday, June 28, 2006


well, i'm thinking i'll just have to throw a party. summer is officially here as of June 21st, and i officially miss all of you. i'm quite a silly person. while Teddy was gone i complained to all of you about how much i missed him. now he's back and i complain to him about how much i miss all of you. silly as i may be however, i did appreciate and enjoy my time with you all this semester. and now i'm doing the same with Teddy.
anyway, i'm thinking a party on a Saturday would be good. start early, end late. hopefully it would accomodate most peoples schedules. it will be at my place of residence, which is 25 minutes east of Christendom. has anyone been in touch with Carducci? i keep meaning to be, but i've been having internet setbacks.
my dear roomie of the past 2 years came to visit me last weekend. we went into DC for the day on Saturday and then went to see a live performance of Riverdance. it was sweet. there's one scene where the Irishmen have a dance-off with Broadway tap dancers: it was absolutely amazzzzzzzzing to see. it was raining that night and we had lawn seating, so we got damp and i watched through rain-stained glasses because i had forgotten to wear contacts, but it was all part of the adventure.
this coming weekend's adventure lends the subject title for this post: I'M GOING HOME! for a 5 day visit. Teddy and Mary B. are coming with and my grandparents, who i haven't seen for over a year, will be there too. the 3 of us are actually leaving tomorrow morning. i'm so excited! not that i miss home very much i must admit, but i miss my family and i'm looking forward to seeing g-pa and g-ma and having Teddy be with the fam for a few days. plus, i'll get to ride my motorcycle more, w00t!
well, i'll end this long post and be in touch about having the party. au revoir mes amis!


  1. That's awesome. I like that idea. Just make sure that it isn't a Saturday like July 28, with the insanity of the Summer Institute at Christendom (which I want to go to, and may). But we've got to do it.

  2. Sounds like your having fun.

    This party, you speak of... do you mean this weekend?

    God Bless.