Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chemical Bonds, Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, Hydrogen Bonds, and James Bond

Don't worry, I didn't switch from biology to chemistry. I would never do such a thing. It'd be like taking astronomy. Ew. Oh, I'm going to get pelted with star shaped sugar cookies now, aren't I? I will say this once and then Peach can kill me. Looking at the stars isn't a science, it's silly. Okay, now that I've got that off my chest. :P My bio teacher felt we needed to learn the "chemistry of biology." Today was my second day of summer class. As I was driving to campus yesterday morning two opposing thoughts were running through my head. The first went something like, "Yes! I'm getting out of the house. I am doing something with my summer. No more laying on the couch. I have a purpose!" The other was, "Are you crazy? It's summer. You don't want to study during the year, much less in June!" The first one won out easily. I don't necessarily like studying, but I do love learning, and I really think biology is interesting.

I did have a harder time with my wardrobe, though. I know this college and I knew a vast majority of the student would probably walk in with their pjs on. Or at least jeans. But I couldn't do it. After two years of dress code, I just couldn't do it. I actually had to force myself to go casual dress code (khaki skirt, blue Snow White shirt -- don't worry, I took the big blue puffy sleeves off first! What, do you think I'm nuts?). I mean really, it was the first day of class. Anyway, as I walked in, the first person I saw was wearing a button down shirt, tie, and dress shoes. I almost squeaked. Everyone else had pjs and jeans. But at least I wasn't so out of place. Another nice surprise, was two middle school/early junior high (pre-move) friends were in the class along with another sophomore year (2nd high school, the big one) friend were taking the class. W00t. Plus I've befriended dressed up guy (turns out he had to work) and another guy.

The lecture so far has been interesting. It's a lot of cell stuff and human workings and not so much bugs and such. Though we do seem to talk about zebras and giraffes a fair amount. It is SO WEIRD to be back in a classroom where the existence of God is not automatically assumed. Granted, I went to public school up to junior year. But it's been four years. Today when Dr. L-A announced class was beginning, I almost stood for prayer! Lab is a bit of a different story. As PQ could tell all of you, I'm not so great in lab. I have a tendency to stare into space looking confused. (I usually am.) The very first day I fell into the role I do best: writing down what other people tell me. (Remember PQ? I just hope that if there is anything to pour or temperatures to take, they'll let me do that. :P) For those of you who didn't spend 2 hours once a week for a semester in the basement of Pius "physics lab." PQ and I found out that I am just splendid at carrying and pouring hot liquid, writing things down, and taking temperatures. PQ mentioned that it correlated nicely with the 3 "traditional jobs for women." Or something like that. But lab is fun. We built fat and sugar today out of brightly colored balls representing carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and something else.

Long story short: I like school. The other kids play nice. My teacher is nice. My mommy makes me yummy lunch. (I'm serious, Carducci can tell you about my love affair with peanut butter and honey sandwiches.) But there's no nap time.

Also, today in class, Dr. L-A said something funny and I snorted. There's always something monumental about snorting for the first time around people. *shrug* At least Tie-Guy (as my mom has dubed him) found it amusing.


  1. Sounds like fun. Biochemistry is a big part of Biology now a days, and they try to bring it into everyday life. For example, scientists are working hard to find the biological explaination of why people are attracted to, well, people.

    I'm glad the people play nice too.

  2. Well people have mass and thus a gravitational pull. . . :P

  3. I'm jealous. Everyone at work is at least 10 years older than I am. I can relate with the dress code relapse. I pressed my pant, shirt, and tie before going to work for the first time but noone there even weres a tie. Polo shirts are the norm. On the plus side, my co-workers hailed me. We went out to eat for lunch last week. So far I'm in charge of researching new software tools for developement to use.

    Molecules made out of colored balls! I remember middle school! Just kidding. Sounds like more fun than measuring the temperature of hot, no, lukewarm, no, room temperature water. You might want to boil some more water. Here's some styrofoam to keep it warm.

  4. Hey!

    What's wrong with astronomy, huh?

    Crazy kids.