Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Birthday singing

I know I sent it as an email, but I'm paranoid that emails don't reach people. So here is the message again, just in case you missed it the first time:

Hello everyone.
I hope that this email finds you in "good health and good times." I hope everyone's summers are going splendidly, and that everyone is getting some chance to relax. (I also hope that everyone on this mailing list knows that I have their email address. If not, I'm sorry, but it just happens. AOL likes to add addresses to my book without my knowledge.)

I am today to ask you a favor. I do not know how much help each individual could be, but I'm sure as a collective you will all be most helpful.

I am currently working on a monumental project, one that shows the true dedication not only of myself but the entire male side community. I am, in short, editing and filling the Birthday Singing Songbook. I am also working on what the second semester of birthday singing will be like under my leadership. This is where you people come in. I ask you humbly to give me song suggestions. Were there ever any songs that you asked for, or wanted to ask but could not bring yourself to ask, and did not hear, to your listening pleasure, the wonderful singing boys sing. Do not assume that I have the song already, for I may not. Never assume anything. Also, I was wondering if there were any other suggestions on how to make the second semester of my junior year (and probably my entire senior year) as painless as possible. Remember, this is for you girls, so it is up to you to speak up. Please tell me what you want to happen.

For you alumni please tell me what worked in the past, or you wished would happen, as well as popular requests from before I came to Christendom. Both will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Also, please email other people you know about this, giving them my address, so that they may also respond and give me precious feedback.

Hehe. I sound so formal in that thing.

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