Friday, May 12, 2006

Time again

It is time again, I suppose, to say hello to summer. I know most of us are either certain what we are doing this summer or completely unable to comprehend what is going on in our lives (probably the latter for the majority). But alas, summer is here, and I guess it means its time to party and stuff.

Well, actually, summer is not here, but it is summer break. I hope those that are still at school are now enjoy their remaining time, and will soon be relaxing like the rest of us.

Well, I hope that came out right.


  1. You left your shower gear and your spongbob poster at school. I took them home with me and wonder what you would like me to do with them.

  2. Right
    Sorry about that. How bout you hold to it and give to me when we meet up in August? Just keep it with the stuff to bring back to school, and hopefully we will remember it when the time comes. I guess when we meet up for whatever happens before we leave for Rome, just give the stuff to me before we leave, and I'll give to whoever brought me there, and It'll go to my house, somehow.

  3. Have fun in Rome! It's wonderful that you guys get an opportunity to go as a graduation class! (I'm familiar with the Christendom program...)

    And, thanks, Ibid, for the well wishes! I have 2.5 months of summer school, and appreciate your wishes!:)

    -Katrina (a new reader)