Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not to copy anyone

Not to copy Andrew, but also went to visit my old high school today. I saw old friends and even older teachers. I impressed many of them when i started talking about what my school did. One of them, my English teacher from Sophmore year, was very impressed, and was amazed at the similarities in our core classes and the classes he had to take when he was in college at CUA, particularly the emphasis on the Classics in the Literature program and the emphasis on Philosphy. Basically, we at Christendom do not always realize, until someone points it out to us, how well formed we are becoming due to our classes. What we complain about and take for granted is an amazing achievement in this world, and we should be glad. No, not just glad, overjoyed. Not many people are taught Metaphysics, nor how to think logically. Society is impressed with us because they realize that they are missing what we are gaining.

Speaking of gaining things, that Homeschooling conference I went to last summer is comming up soon. In fact, there are some speakers there that may excite some of you, including Dr. Cuddeback, Dr. O'Donnell, and P. Bracy Bersnak. That's right. Guess what he's talking about. That's right, the Family and the State. Go figure. I bet I heard it already in class. Of course, I'm not gonna be able to listen to any of the talks, but I'm probably gonna be buying more books.



  1. Still waiting for you to actually read one of the books that you buy.

    God Bless.

  2. I kinda read one of them, but it was a little short thing, which I got for free since it was a pamphlet. I'm currently finishing up The Cleaving of Christendom, then I'm gonna finish The Revolution Against Christendom. In between I'm working on The Lord of the Rings (I'm on Chapter 3) and sometime between now and August 30th I'm going to read Ovid's Metamorphisis, and possibly Livy's history book. I hope to get done with one of the school bought books as well, maybe another of the Carroll books I have, or some of the Chesterton. I've also got to read some of the sources I have for my Senior Thesis.

    All while typing the history notes. Fun times.