Friday, May 19, 2006

M. I. R. *

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know that I am still in fact here, and alive. Things are working themselves out as my family tries desperately to pack things it did not even know it had into boxes that magically appeared from somewhere so that they can be stored anywhere before we move into a 19??'s era farmhouse across the river from the college, where we will be staying until our new house is finally built down near the Shores. Wow ... that has got to be confusing. Well, the long and the short of it is that I am fine and everything is going really, really well ... if at times a bit muddled. God bless and keep you all.

*Stands for Massive Insanity Returns. ;-)


  1. How many times have yu moved before? Never? We military families know how move. One piece of advice, when it come to furniture, its easier to keep stuff in the drawers that to try and organize it into boxes.

    God Bless.

  2. +JmJ+

    My darling, I hope things aren't going TOO bad!! Although I can understand the added stress when it comes to moving ... wish I could be there to help out! You're in my prayers!

  3. Propter Quid;
    Never it is. I have lived my entire life in one small ramshackle, not-quite-Virginia Clay colored house. It has a lot of memories tied into it ... but then memories are tied primarily to the people you make them with, not the places themselves. Thanks for the tip. I shall pass it on to those who can use it most.

    Things aren't really that bad. My post actually needs a *gasp* after the "until our new house is finally built down near the Shores" (The whole thing is supposed to be read out loud without taking a breath ;-) It is just crazy to come home and find the house filled wall-to-wall with boxes. (But it is also fun, in its own crazy way.)

  4. As one who has not personally moved from the house he has been in since the day he was born (give or take a few days), I can't say for sure that I feel for CO. However, I would agree with PQ. Judging by how hard it is to move me from my house to my dorm room, and back again, it is much easier to stuff my cabinets rather than fill the van with boxes. But that's just my observation.