Thursday, May 25, 2006


And that makes three. I have also been visiting my old high schools. Unlike Ibid and PQ, though, I have three high schools. Do we have any military brats on this blog other than PQ? I think most of yous have lived in the same place for most of your lives. Granted, I haven't moved that much, but when I did, it wasn't just down the street. Anyway, back to schools. On Sunday was my little cousin's graduation. Ha. I probably shouldn't call him little, as he just graduated from high school. Anyway, I'd gone to that school from first grade up to the middle of my sophomore year. Once we moved, I came back a few times, but I haven't been back since college and a lot of those kids I hadn't seen since I left. So it pretty much felt like 8th graders were graduating from high school. Talk about time warp. I had so many memories of that school, but most of them were from junior high or freshman year. I was never an upperclassman there, so to come back as a college student was even weirder. Way weirder.

Today I saw high school number two. It actually isn't a school anymore. A new school was built across town and now Central High is Parks and Rec. So there is an art gallery in the cafeteria. Bizarre. This was the school that I spent the second half of my sophomore year at and the first two weeks of junior year. As I walked up the steps, I remembered walking up those same steps 4 and a half years ago (my gosh, has it been that long?) absolutely terrified. This school was the same size as my old town. It had four different buildings, leaving much room for getting lost. Very lost. And I was a couple of times. I almost missed my first health class, because I couldn't find the room. (You had to go through the computer lab, where a class was going on, to get to the classroom.) So the WP's been experiencing time warp.

In other news, y'all probably know, but in case you don't, my test results are back. The stress test and echocardiogram both show nothing wrong with my heart. I have a doctor's app coming up, but it sounds doubtful that any more can be tried. Personally, I say we check me for skin cancer or something stupid like that. But all joking aside, I think this is the end or very near the end of the road for tests. It's time (at least for me) to accept that I have some kind of neurological problem that may go away, may get worse, or may stay the same for the rest of my life. Only time will tell. It's time to stop wondering and start dealing. The upside? No open heart surgery. (I really was getting kind of worried. :P)


  1. +JMJ+

    WP, I would just like to say, that I admire you so much! You are such an example to us all! You have allowed yourself to be given to all that the good Lord puts in front of you--you have trust; and that is a beautiful gift that we all need to acquire. God bless you for it, my dear! You are constantly in my prayers!