Wednesday, May 17, 2006

battles and pier's plowman

hullo all! well, the yankee of the Chaplet is back up North, and putting up with cold wet weather. the South is good for one thing: heat. so, i've done nothing as exciting as EKGs or starting new jobs or chilling at Kevin's, but i have eaten really really really really really really (ok, you get the point) good food. and i've tackled my room. the fights going in my favor, Room had the upper hand for the first day or so, but perseverance on my part has started to conquer. Room gets pretty tricky sometimes, It comes up with pictures from forever-ago, clothes that I haven't worn since i was in pigtails, and of course, wi-fi. Room hits me with wi-fi everytime. i'm telling you, there's good reason to not have internet available in the dorms, Room and Homework and Workstudy and Friends would never be attended to and a non-ordered Life would follow. and we all know how important Order is to the rational Being. why can't Risibility make it easier to just laugh at Order and everything else? i guess that's because Common Sense or maybe Responsibility come into the picture. and i've morphed into Pier's Plowmen talk, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
so, to get away from that scariness Moral of the Story says: just clean your rooms and win the battle! and Smartness says: you've blogged enough, shut up and just publish it!

love you all. peace be with you.