Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Right Now, I Win

So as of right now, I think I'm probably the most world traveled out of the lot of us. (Except for Ry of course, but he doesn't count.) And pretty soon, you guys are all going to show me up something feirce and my five countries will look like nothing. *shrug* So I figured I'd flaunt this while I could. :P I mean, PBJ Girl has been, like, everywhere in the US, so I figured I'd one up her. That would be an interesting competition. See who can go the most places first. *stroking chin thoughtfully*

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands


  1. Well, if Ry doesn't count, then I'm sure I don't count either, right?

    Oh, and the number's eleven. ;) US, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland (except I had to select all of the smeggin' UK), France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and of course Italy and Vatican City.

    I put up mine on The Commons. Yeah, I know, I'm a copy cat. *raspberry*

  2. I've been in the Atlantic. Does that count as leaving the country?

  3. Only if you were three miles out or entered Canadian or Bahamian waters.