Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pardonez-moi, c'est-il le blog?

Yes of course it is, and as we all know so well, a blog is for blogging on. So here it goes. I got home in one piece and nothing completely weird happened ... well except for the fact that the house that I returned to is not long to be ours. That's right, after spending more than twenty years in the same house we are finally moving out. We are most likely going to buy a new house right by my Aunt Brenda's, which means that everyone will be about five minutes walking distance from the college. (Which will be quite a lot of fun.) Nothing is finalized yet, we still need to find a buyer for the house, etc. and so any and all prayers that everything goes smoothly would be greatly appreciated. Everyone at home is doing really well, and it all looks like things are going to continue to go smoothly.
I just had a couple of questions for everybody. First, who would be interested in a party some Sunday after we get back, but before Easter break? Just an outdoor cookout under the stars, everyone chips in a little bit to the dinner and the entertainment and we see how everything turns out. The entertainment part may need a bit of explaining. I was thinking that anyone who wanted to could get a "party piece" together (a song, a poem, a couple of jokes, crazy acrobatics or a trained rabbit) either solo or with a couple of other people, and at some point in the evening people pull out their party pieces. (Could be one right after the other, or they could be scattered. I am not sure yet which it would be.) No one would be obliged to bring a party piece (money for food, or food however would not. Sorry, but I do not have enough to make this one fly on my own.) Interested? Think the party piece idea stinks? Just don't want to do the whole thing? Like the whole idea? Let me know.
Secondly, what do all of you know about the traditional Latin Rite and Quo Primum, et al.? Do you have an answer for the question "why do you follow the wishes of one pope when another, earlier pope has given commands to the contrary?" Just wondering. Well actually not; my brother Brendan has been looking into the traditional movement lately and we had some discussions when I got home. I realized that there was, and is, a large amount that I do not know. So I have been playing catch-up with him to understand the dispute. He is one amazing young man, and it can really burn to have him for a younger brother (in the best sense. You have to work hard just to keep up with him.) I just thought that I would spring the question on all of you both to introduce that little news item and to see what all of your takes on the issue are.
Thank you all for everything. Signing off for now, I remain yours faithfully in Christ's Love;
Sean "Captain Oblivious" V.


  1. JMJ
    Wow that's awesome that your family will be so close.
    A party sounds great too...just let me know the details and I'm more then up for it. Cookouts are a ton of fun..fire up the BBQ!!!
    3rd, regarding the Mass...comments are short I'll have to get back to you on that one

  2. Sounds grood. I mean, good and great. I like the party piece idea. We could get together some interesting stuff. . . :P

  3. yay! part-ah! i'm totally up for it! i can sing, but not for food, cause then i'd starve, but i'll be so assertive as to say that i sing better than a bullfrog under a hot rock. . . yeah. exactly. um, i'm gonna stop now. love you guys.

  4. You provide the costume and I will provide a "trained" rabbit.

  5. Five minutes? Wow. Invasion of the Oblivion family. (Sounds like a bad B-movie.)

    If non-blog members are allowed, I'd love to join the party. I don't think you'd want me to sing, though. I could do a dramatic reading of Carroll or Chesterton . . . or do quick drawings of people who want to pose . . . or maybe I'll just bring my Risk board, it's probably safer. Lots safer.

  6. Sounds like a great idea. If non-bloggers are invited I'd love to come. Keep me updated.

  7. Bowman and Charlemagne;
    Of course non-8'oc. members are invited! Now a question for everyone ... how much would you be willing to put up for this? $5 ... $10? (Shouldn't actually need that much, just in case it would be nice to get more and pay everyone back than to have too little.) Also, what would you guys be thinking of doing for party pieces? (Megan, there is no way in the world that you could sound like that ... unless of course a bullfrog under a hot rock sounds like a nightengale in a tall pine tree under a clear night sky.)

  8. Oh, he's good, isn't he. Would that all had the poetic talents of the Oblivious One. :P

    I'll put up at least $5.