Saturday, March 18, 2006

non-american historian

You Failed the US Citizenship Test

Oops, you only got 6 out of 10 right!


  1. Nine out of ten, and I'm itching to know which one I got wrong.

    Bowman the Black
    Historical Blogger

  2. Ok, I did worse this time than when i took that same test originally. I got all ten last time, and only nine this time.

    Blum's class must be getting to me. I'm becoming less American

  3. Don't worry PBJ Girl, I'm not a citizen with you. I got 7 out of 10. (At least I knew we didn't fight the French in WWII. . .)

  4. 8/10

    I know which ones I missed though.

  5. Ten out of ten. Guessed on one or two though

  6. 8 out of 10

    I passed, I bow to the superiority of the Lord of the Board, and the Captain.

    Sorry Ibid, I'll just have to fall under your sword, knife, whatever wepon you use to kill me the most.

  7. +JMJ+

    10 out of 10. Some how that doesn't seem like THE test ... *wink*