Friday, March 03, 2006


That's Our lemon smiley! From Dean's! Blah!

I'm not mad, really. I actually thought the picture would be worse than it was. I'm just wondering why the lemon face Maria and I made is now called "Murphy" and is on the blog as a contributor... so confused.

Just to update you all, I would like to inform you all, again, that I am still alive, and yes, indeed, am still enrolled. Dr. Rice was actually in question of that earlier today. It was quite comical. So, I'm alive and kicking. AND THE KEYBOARD JUST WENT WACKO ON ME>>> THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PERIOD> AND THAT> CRAP> UM> I"LL GO NOW> BYE>


  1. Well, as long as you are still alive and kicking. However, just don't kick anyone, because that might hurt.

  2. I miss you, Ryan! You should come around more often. It's not the same.

    And you should go and visit my blog!

    Come back soon!