Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Philosophy of Jump 'N' Bump

Okay, we've all had The Talk by now. Either Uncle Tony or Dr. Flippen have sat us all down and told us where prime matter comes from. We now know the facts of life. What we have to do now is figure out how it pertains to real life. I, personally, think prime matter is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Although that saying doesn't really work, because prime matter came before sliced bread, it being the potentiality to be bread and all. So it's the coolest thing since, well, itself? I mean, what came before prime matter? Oh, that's right, The Unmoved Mover! That's right, kids, I hate to burst your bubble, but God exists! Right there is the importance of prime matter. And I just used the word 'right' three times in a row. Right on! But enough of that insanity.
As Uncle Tony explained prime matter, I began to wonder about it's practical purposes, namely, how it correlates to exploding bunnies. I couldn't figure out a direct connection, but I knew there must be one. I resolved one day to sit down and figure it out. But today is not that day, sorry.


  1. That had nothing to do with jump n' bump. That was so bizarre. Ok, not that bizarre. I'm spelling bizarre wrong, aren't I. Oh well. See, this is what happens when nobody posts for too long. WP gets drunk and starts rambling. Speaking of rambling, has anyone found out where Satan shows Sloth in Paradise Lost? I'm really sick of this stupid heretic.

    I wonder what's for lunch tomorrow. I have to serve it, or clean it at least.

  2. Actually, you're spelling bizarre right. How strange.

    Out of the heretic and into the free-loving Shelleys. Which is worse?

    To whomever is responsible for the sidebar -- neat-o. The poem could use a tad of copy-editing though. ;)

  3. WP -- can you e-mail me those pictures from our trip to Daily Grind last Sunday?


    P.S. Your blog looks really nice with all of your pictures on the side!