Monday, February 20, 2006

Not So Flattering Pictures

So I've beeng going through a LOT of pictures looking for good sidebar material. (I'm glad people like it!) Each person has about 10 or 11 cropped pictures of themselves floatting around on Gunter to the 1 they that actually made it on to the blog. It's a shame, really, because some of the pictures are really funny or good or whatever. So they shall be posted. I'm pretty sure once Ry sees this, he will kill me. But maybe not, that would mean he'd actually have to come on campus!!!!! *hint, hint to the Ry Fry!*

CO was dancing with Mo. Why the face? I don't know.

And here he is trying to be a Commie. Bad, CO!

He's wearing clothes, I promise! This is from when Quia made Ibid shave.

But the beard grew back and, as Quia and Peanut Butter Jelly Girl can tell you, rather scratchy.

This is what Jericho looks like in the morning.

Carducci swing dancing. I think she's got a better face for it than CO!

Carducci at the Halloween dance. Not very scarey if you ask me.

Peachy contemplating in the kitchen. (Less dangerous than courting!)

Peachy in his natural habitat: outside.

PQ in a very, uh, peaceful mood. What was in those brownies anyway?

PQ on a rainforest safari. . . outside of Campion.

Quia in mid air.

Quia showing her punk rocker side. (Why can't I breathe. . . .)

Ry caught completely off guard at the March for Life.

Uh, *insert witty comment about Ry here.*

The WP caught completely off guard at the Valentine's Day dance.

The WP singing and dancing with a vacuum cleaner.

And there are so many more pictures. . . .


  1. Unflattering? I think those are very good likenesses! (I mean they look better than real life anyway)

    God Bless

  2. JMJ
    okay so, here we all our best! *laughter*

  3. JMJ
    And as we all know...Ry is doing very well, but i think we all need a card board cut out of him to keep with us....;-) that way our other chaplet member will be with us at 8 oclock. wp said so too!

  4. I going to get in trouble for this but...

    Cardboard cuttouts are flamable!

    God Bless

  5. Wow. Great. That's just great.

    Now I'm scared of cameras.

  6. Anonymous9:13 PM

    be very afraid!

  7. JMJ
    i'm anonymous...quia

  8. My personal favorite is Jenne singing into the vacuum cleaner in what appears to be Campion Lobby -- you never can be too sure because that statue of Our Lady has had many backdrops: bedrooms, closets, etc.

    Keep on singing, Jenne;)