Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Rejoice with me, my dearest friends.

I have finished the rough outlint. It is rough, of course, because the final results depend on those involved. I hope that I can get everyone who wanted to help, since it would be really cool. I hope it is funny too.

In other words, if you want a copy of the rough outline for the Mammoth Hunting Movie, please say something to me. Or, if you know someone who wanted to be involved, also tell me.

Most sincerly,

Stephen Ibidem, Famed Movie Director


  1. Mammoth hunting? Is it going to be like Good Will Hunting? It sounds different than your last movie. (I don't mean to sound impatient, but is it ever going to be, oh, I don't know. . . done?) Sounds like fun! Sign me up. Can I be the Mammoth?

  2. JMJ Count me in Ibid!!!

    And wp why do you have a pic of ducci as your picture? are you two the same person? :-);-);-)

  3. Well, most people seem to think so. Quia, you are the second person to notice the picture. I figured it was kind of a running gag from this past semester. :P


    The mammoth hunting movie (that's mammoth, as in big hairy elephant) is something I have been developing on the back burner throughout the year. I've decided that it will be a sendup of National Geographic expedition specials, in which a group of scientist go out and search for some mysterious creature and come back empty handed. The only difference is that this one will be funny (I hope). The movie will be mostly improvised, with the actors making up their lines based on what I want to see happen in the movie (for example, if I want to see a group fight, I've written that a group fight starts over this or that reason. The actors fill in the words).

    Miss White, you can't be the mammoth. I'll send the script to you and you will see why. Actually, you might be. I take that back. I'll cast you as the mammoth. YES!

    To answer your question of whether that other movie will ever be done, I say it will. In fact, as soon as P.O.S. gets her new hard drive, I'll see if Nick lets me install that editing program, and then I'll start editing.

    There, are you happy Liz... I mean, Jenne.
    I swear, everyone is becoming one person.

  5. So I just got done reading the script. Matt, know that I'm sticking my tounge out at you about that mammoth comment. Quia, I don't think we're going to get much acting time in on this, unless we dress up as guys. I'm okay with that, though. I've got my five minutes. (Maybe, someday.) Hair, makeup, lighting, key grip, gaffer, whatever. :)

  6. JMJ Yeah I know...Ibid where are the beautiful ladies that the mammoth is going to eat and the prince saves the day and saves them from danger...or am i thinking of sleeping beauty?;-);-);-)
    but i could help with tech makeup/costumes (yeah i was pretty lame help with the last one) but i'll try harder and better this time, promise:-)

  7. No Quia, you did a good job with the hair, makeup, and costumes on the last movie. Or at least you tried. The director and the leading man were more than a little bit difficult in that regard. :P