Thursday, January 05, 2006

CVO Phase 2: Christmas Eve & Christmas

On Christmas Eve morning, the first to awake was Sean, the Irish Setter. Then it was my Grandparents. Then my parents. Then my younger brothers and sisters. Then it was myself. After breakfast at 8:30 consisting of grits, eggs, bacon, toast, etc., I spent most of the day listening to music from my computer's internal speaker. In the evening we went to Confession and Mass. For Christmas Eve dinner, we had Italian food. My grqandparents paid for the dinner, my parents for the drinks, and my uncle for the desserts. When we got home, we opened the gifts.

Next morning we slept in. The rest of the family arrived, all the aunts and uncles, their children, their children's children, and opened their gifts. Dinner was fun and delicious. The conversation was... interesting. We have people from all over the political and religious spectrum. Intra-family politics were fun to listen to. I wont go into detail but there are a few mortal sins that will piss of my grandparents permanently. That was that. We all went to ben and Christmas day was over.

God Bless.

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